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"Perfect Pool Side Style" March 2012 - Plus Size Swimwear for Every Body


Perfect pool-side style

Searching for the right swimwear can put any woman in a state of high anxiety. Finding a luxurious swimsuit that both supports and accentuates Here's a glimpse into the plus-size woman's most private domain: her curves can be even more of a trial.

Question: do plus-size women have options when it comes to swimwear?

Answer: these days, they do.

I've never felt that curvy women have the fashion options that straight-sized women have, says Jessica Petersen, designer and founder of Sorella Swim, a brand of luxury swimwear for the curvy figure. This has been especially true when it comes to swimwear. But that is changing. invest in quality Designers who believe that voluptuous women want to hide their figures in baggy, boxy styles show a lack of appreciation for both the subtleties of design and the women they design for—and shape is not the only factor in designing a curve enhancing suit. “The right fabric matters. Better quality swimwear smoothes your curves,” explains Jeanne Grasso, marketing manager at Always for Me swimwear. “And separates allow you to customize a look,” she adds. Move with confidence The perfect swimsuit should not only look great, but feel great all day at the beach or pool. You want to be able to swim, play, and enjoy yourself without worrying about adjusting straps and tugging at seams. “A swimsuit should give you ample coverage and support, while letting you move about with confidence,” says Grasso. A good suit offers support, but doesn’t try to hide or hold anything in the days of girdles are, thankfully, well behind us. Today’s best plus-size swimwear has been described as “classy, luxurious, and sexy.” And in the right suit designed and fitted for your body, that’s exactly how you should feel.
By: Avery Hurt

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