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Always for Me knows a thing or two about sports bras in general and sports bras for plus-size women in particular!

Enell Plus Size Sports Bra Up to Size 52DD

Sports bras are a great invention. They help minimize movement and increase comfort for active women and allow them to do much, much more than they would potentially otherwise. But finding the right sports bra is no easy task.

Thankfully, Always for Me knows a thing or two about sports bras in general and sports bras for plus-size women in particular.

When shopping for the right sports bra for you, you should consider a number of factors, such as what type of activity you will be doing. High-impact workouts, naturally, call for sturdier support than low-impact activities.

Overall, compression sports bras are most popular. These are the bras you probably picture when you think of a sports bra. They literally compress the breasts for no-bounce movement. However, this style, which also requires women pull the garment over their heads, is not always the most practical for plus-size women.

Women with C cups or larger should opt for encapsulated, or natural-shaping, sports bras. These bras look more like standard bras and have individual cups. What’s more, they do not provide any compression.

In addition to these two basic styles, there are also combination compression/encapsulation styles that seek to offer the best of both worlds. But the appropriateness of this third style really depends on your cup size and how active you will be. Women with larger busts should most likely stick with encapsulated bras.

Look for encapsulated styles from manufacturers like Enell. This is the sports bra featured on NBC’s the Biggest Loser, and has also made appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Always for Me offers plenty of options. In addition to encapsulated styles, plus-size women should also look for bras that come in band and cup sizes for a more exact fit that will ensure they get the support they need.

Full-figured women should also look for wider straps with minimal stretch to help distribute weight and for styles with back clasps as larger breasts put more demand on the band. 

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