5 Reasons Why you need a Chlorine Resistant Suit


Swimwear that combines comfort with performance are your best bet for water fitness. Here are our top 5 reasons you need chlorine resistant swimwear.

5 Reasons Why you need a Chlorine Resistant Suit5 Reasons Why you need a Chlorine Resistant Suit

Plus Size Exercise Swimwear


Always For Me offers an extensive collection of fashionable, yet comfortable swimwear perfect for you next workout. Whether lap swimming, taking a water aerobics class, or whatever your water workout may consist of, Always For Me has stylish chlorine resistant swimsuits that will provide you with the support, coverage and flexibility needed to enjoy your workout. Here are three of our favorite chlorine resistant styles!

Great Plus Size Swimwear Brands For 2019

To help you get ready for the summer of 2019, here are some of the great plus size swimwear brands to make a splash in your summer wardrobe.

5 Ways To Make A Splash In Your Pool Exercise

Going for a dip in the pool isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about working out, but pool exercise is one of the best ways to stay fit without the typical post-workout aches and pains. You get the relaxation of being in the water combined with the rejuvenating effect of a low-impact, fat-shredding workout.

The 6 Must Have Plus Size Swimsuit Cover Ups

Swimsuit cover ups are a must for the beach or sitting poolside. Luckily, Always For Me offers a large selection of the most trendsetting plus size swimsuit cover ups that are comfortable and fashionable for any event. Cover ups are great for any activity whether it be a workout, laying in the sun, or enjoying a beach cocktail party. At, we guarantee you'll be able to find the cover up with the perfect blend of comfort, elegance and style for you.

Best Plus Size Swimsuits For Your Body Shape

Having trouble finding the perfect swimsuit to fit your curves? Always For Me offers the best brands and styles for all plus size shapes to look and feel your best! We are here to help you find the swimsuit that will accentuate your body this summer! 


Super Model and Supermom: Nicole LeBris on Being the Face of Always For Me, the Swimsuits that Bear her Name, and Being a Mother

Always for Me sat down with plus size model and industry influencer Nicole LeBris to discuss what it’s like being a model, the body positivity movement, her thoughts on the two Always for Me styles that bear her name, and the joys of motherhood.

Plus Size Swimsuit Trends for 2019

2018 was a trendsetting year for plus size swimwear. From the return of off the shoulder styles, to cutouts and strappy details, all with head-turning designs, and so much more. Filling your closet with endless fashionable swimwear options has never been easier. Below are five must-have plus size swimsuit trends for 2019 to add to your wardrobe this year!


Even the most confident woman likes to cover up from time to time, and the beach is no exception. Whether you’re looking for a simple beach wrap, or something to take you from day to night, we have you covered (no pun intended). Here are some of the top plus size swimwear cover up trends of 2019 along with Pro Tips on how to make the most of your  cover up.

Penbrooke Plus Size Swim Debuts with a Splash

Always For Me brings you new plus size swimwear styles from Penbrooke. Penbrooke swimwear has been a trusted brand for years. These high-quality swimsuits come in a variety of figure flattering designs including slimming swim dresses, colorful tankinis and gorgeous one piece swimsuits.

Top 5 Retro-Inspired Swimsuits

Let’s consider the 1950s the Golden Age of the Swimsuit. Before this decade, swimwear had evolved from flannel bloomers to a synthetic swim dress that looked exactly like, well, a full-length dress you’d be more likely to wear in the boardroom than on the beach today. (All that fabric sounds fun to swim in, doesn’t it?)

Plus Size Dresses For Less

Dresses are a staple for any summer enthusiast. Luckily, Always For Me offers a large selection of the most trendsetting plus size dresses that are fashionable for any occasion, and all within your budget. Our dresses are great for any activity whether it be running errands, relaxing poolside or enjoying brunch with your girlfriends. At, we guarantee you'll be able to find a summer dress with the perfect blend of comfort, elegance and style for you.

Top 5 Plus Size Swimwear Styles that go from Beach to Bar

Trying to find the perfect Plus Size Swimsuit can test even the most patient shopper. That’s why it’s important to find transitional styles that can be worn to lounge on the beach or party at the tiki bar. Moving from a day at the beach to the bar on the boardwalk doesn’t have to require a complete wardrobe change. Below we show you several styles that easily make the transition from Beach to Bar.

Looking Great at the Beach

Whether you are headed to the Jersey Shore for a fun weekend with your BFF’s, or you are off to tropical destination to nap on the white sands and work on your tan, the beach is the perfect escape. To help you look great at the beach, Always For Me asked two of the leading swimsuit models to share their best tips for feeling beautiful, confident and sexy this summer.

8 Ways to Style a Pareo or a Sarong


Sarongs, pareos, and beach wraps, oh my! Chances are if you walked through a store, flipped through a magazine, or browsed your favorite swimwear site, you’ve seen a sarong, pareo, or beach wrap. But what exactly are they, what is the difference between them (if any), and for goodness sake, how do you style one?

Fun and flirty, the sarong is the perfect swimwear accessory you never knew you needed until now. Below we’ll show you eight ways to rock your sarong(s) all summer long and beyond.

Thoughts On The Ideal Plus Size Sports Bra

We asked Cynthia Tivers, the founder of A Big Attitude, to tell us about what makes a great plus size sports bra great. Cynthia began her career in the 90’s producing television and exercise videos. She recognized the lack of options in workout clothing for larger women who wanted to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. From there, her commitment to quality plus size workout gear was born. For almost two decades, A Big Attitude has been known for plus size activewear for women with a keen eye on function and fit. Over the years, Cynthia has become an expert in the field when it comes to designing and manufacturing plus size activewear.

Summer Vacations: The Best Places to Go with your Families West Coast Edition

As summer winds down, it is the perfect time to plan one last summer escape. From girls trips to family vacations, Always for Me has pulled together a list of destinations that are sure to fit everyone’s taste. These vacations are the perfect places to show off your fashionista side.  Grab your favorite plus size bathing suits, and your plus size cover up for easy transitions from the beach or coast to the bar scenes downtown.

Summer Vacations: The Best Places to Go with your Families East Coast Edition

Summer may be winding down, but it’s not over yet. The end of the summer is the perfect time to plan one last summer escape.   It’s also the perfect excuse to grab your favorite Always for Me swimsuits and cover-ups, for one last hoorah. From girls trips to family vacations, Always for Me has pulled together a list of destinations that are sure to fit everyone’s taste.

The Pattie Byrnes Guide to Stress Free Plus Size Swimsuit Shopping

Pattie is well known in the industry, being a key player in the design, manufacturing and sales of swimwear since 1985. She has established herself as an innovative designer and one of the most successful marketers of swimwear specifically designed by body type for women of every age, size and shape. We asked Pattie Brynes, the President of Fit4U swimwear, to share her tips for stress free plus size swimsuit shopping.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Shopping for a Plus Size Bathing Suit

Shopping for the perfect swimsuit can be difficult and extremely stressful especially with being a curvaceous woman. To help guide your journey to the perfect bathing suit, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a Plus Size Bathing Suit.

Grecian Romance – Always For Me Swimwear Collection

One of the most beautiful destinations in the world is a nation of more than 2,000 islands on the southern coast of Europe, bordering the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. This destination is Greece. With its stunning green landscape, one-of-a-kind terrain, breathtaking islands, and its mesmerizing turquoise waters, Greece is truly in a league of its own. Greece has served as an inspiration for numerous Always For Me swimwear pieces, each reminiscent of a vacation in paradise, indulging in Greece’s exquisite food, unique culture, and unforgettable adventures. Here some of Always For Me’s best Greece-inspired swimwear, so let out your inner Greek Goddess!

Thank You Nicole LeBris!

Nicole LeBris has helped us showcase some of our best plus size swimsuits, cover ups, and athleisure wear. We are proud to have the opportunity to work with Nicole and thought that many of our loyal customers may enjoy learning more about Nicole. Always For me sat down with Nicole and asked her a lot of questions (and many of Nicole’s answers were even news to us!).

10 Plus Size Swimsuits that Flatter a Mature Figure

At Always For Me, we know that purchasing a plus size swimsuit can be challenging as you grow a bit older. As your body changes with age, we realize that the features you are looking for in a swimsuit as you get a bit more mature evolve. We have compiled a list of styles and fits that will accentuate your best features while making you feel more confident as well.

5 Reasons Plus Size Swimsuits Might Cost More

Women who buy plus size swimwear know that it can often cost more than swimwear that is under size 12. You may be wondering why plus size swimsuits cost so much?

 It’s true that plus size swimwear costs more than missy size swimwear, but there is a good reason behind it! Here are 5 reasons plus size swimwear can often cost more. 

5 Easy Yoga Moves You Can Do On The Beach

With its peaceful winds, salty air, and soft sands the beach can be the perfect place to unwind. So why not maximize your relaxation with a little beach yoga? We’ve compiled 5 easy yoga moves that even the most inexperienced yogis can master. The below poses can be done in the order listed or flowed together however you see fit. Go ahead, grab your favorite plus size swimsuit or plus size activewear and get your Namaste on!

8 Great Swimsuits for Big Busts

Every woman with a bigger bust knows the most frustrating part of buying a plus size swimsuit is finding one that will enhance your bust and keep them secure all day long.

Luckily, we have compiled a list of the Top 8 Always For Me Swimsuits that are great for big busts.

6 Design Details that Make the Perfect Plus Size Bathing Suit

Buying a swimsuit is never easy, and we know it can be even harder when you are plus sized. There is a great deal of engineering that goes into creating a plus size bathing suit to ensure that everything fits the way it should and supports where you want it to.

To help navigate the options, we have put together a list of the top 6 design details to keep in mind when choosing the perfect bathing suit that works best with your gorgeous curves.

6 Easy Summer Looks for your Locks

Looking cute for the summer can be tricky, especially when it comes to being beach or pool ready.

Don’t let the hassle of your hair stress you!

Always for Me asks a Designer Cat Oshman – Designer at La Blanca

Always for Me recently interviewed Cat Oshman – Head Designer at La Blanca to pick her brain regarding La Blanca’s 2018 swimwear trends, designing and fitting a plus size swimsuit, shopping tricks, and what she’ll be rocking this summer.

9 Plus-Size Swimwear Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Wherever you are planning on enjoying the warm weather that this summer (or vacation) has brought you, you are surely excited to show off some new swimwear. If you have not found the perfect pieces yet, and need some inspiration, look no further than these 9 current trends in plus-size swimwear!

Can You Alter a Swimsuit?

Everyone has her favorite plus size swimsuit that they just can’t part from, or maybe it is the new swimsuit that you just bought that needs a little alteration to fit your body properly.  Don’t worry, Always for Me is here to answer a popular question: Can I alter my bathing suit? Luckily, the answer is yes!

Always for Me Interview with Stephanie Cohen – Head Designer at Anne Cole Swimwear

Always for Me recently sat down with Stephanie Cohen, the Head Designer at Anne Cole Swimwear, to learn more about her experience in the design world, how she stays inspired, and the Anne Cole plus size swimwear collection.

What Size Does Plus Size Start At?

The past few years have seen an incredible array of new plus size bathing suit, cover up, activewear and lingerie options, but finding the right size can often be a challenge. Aside from the fact that different brands will have different measurements, there are also very different sizing methodologies in use.

Here we will help to give some insight into how they work and what makes the most sense for you. Understanding your size is as easy as understanding out how these systems compare.

Shifting into Spring & Summer: 4 Ways Your Mindset Can Smooth the Transition

After months of snow and cold, we all know the excitement that comes with the beginning of spring. Before long, visions of afternoons at the beach or pool begin to dance in our heads. It’s easy to get swept up in the romance of spring and overlook that shifting from one season to another can be challenging in some ways.

Top 8 Swimwear Trends for 2018

2018 swimwear has several incredibly exciting and fashionable trends. To help navigate the options, we’ve put together our favorite top 8 swimwear trends for 2018. All of the plus size swim styles featured below are sure to have you feeling on-trend and confident this season, no matter where it takes you.

Break ALL the Plus Size Swimwear Fashion Rules This Summer!

This summer, we invite you to join us in being body positive. Join us in LIVING. Join us in breaking ALL the rules and hashtag us while you do it with our official hashtag, #AFMSwimSquad. We want to be inspired by your confidence.

Grab a New Pareo – Island Dreaming

There is no doubt you can’t find the perfect style to fit your personality. Everyone should have at least one pareo in their closest for their next summer day at the beach or pool, or for their next vacation, and Always For Me is the best place to find the perfect pareo for you!

What’s In Your Beach Bag?

Here are some essentials to pack in your beach bag or carry-on for your next trip to make sure you’re able to make the most out of every day.

Interview with Straight/Curve Redefining Body Image Producer, Director and Journalist: Jenny McQuail

Always For Me asks Journalist, Director, and Producer Jenny McQuaile about getting started in the film industry, swimwear, body image in today’s world, and her new film Straight/Curve (out May 18th, 2018).

Low Impact Exercise

Experts believe exercise is an essential aspect of your mental and physical well-being. When you try to think of what it takes to stay in shape, you might believe only repeated heart-pounding exercises performed until your body aches day in and day out will do the trick. Fortunately, there are numerous low-impact exercises that allow one to stay fit without the post-workout soreness and exhaustion. Here are six low-impact exercises you can use to get your heart rate up, burn calories, and stay healthy.

Why Always For Me Loves The Iconic Krinkle Swimsuit

When it comes to swimwear, it does not get more iconic than the Krinkle Swimsuit. A one-piece swimsuit with cute krinkles on the front and back, the Krinkle is known for its unparalleled style and comfort. Whether heading to the pool for some R&R or to your water aerobics class, the Krinkle’s unique blend of support and flexibility is the perfect swimsuit for all women and will surely allow you to enjoy your day at the pool.

Rave Reviews for Celebrity Stylist Timothy Snell’s Plus Size Swimwear and Sportswear Collection

Timothy Snell, known as “The Man Behind The Curves” recently debuted his first collaboration with Always For Me to create a one of a kind 24-piece plus size swimwear and sportswear capsule collection.

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