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Many different women all over the world who are all so wonderfully different in so many unique ways!

Always 4 Me Sao Luis Swimdress Style #85553

It’s somewhat shocking to us that even though there are so many different women all over the world who are all so wonderfully different in so many unique ways that the media and advertisers continue to display such a small subset of them in their work. And, typically, these women are all quite small and skinny and uniform. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with small and skinny. Or tall. Or full-figured. Or big ears. But that’s precisely why we found Victoria’s Secret’s “The Perfect Body” campaign so troubling. 

In October, the lingerie brand launched a campaign with messaging about the so-called “Perfect Body,” which displayed numerous examples of precisely one body type. It is perhaps heartening that the campaign inspired quick backlash, including a Change.org petition generated 33,000 signatures and spurred the hashtag #iamperfect, as well as a change from the brand to messaging about “A Body for Every Body” While we applaud the change in language and the efforts of the Change.org petitioners, we still think there’s a long way to go. Case in point: We live in a world where Meghan Trainor sings about girls and women being perfect the way they are in her hit song, “All About That Bass,” while Walmart had a section on its website labeled “Fat Girl Costumes” and Subway offended many women prior to Halloween by telling them they had to stay skinny for sexy costume season. 

Always for Me caters to women sizes 16 to 26 with plus-size swimwear, cover-ups, lingerie and activewear, but that doesn’t mean we only care about plus-size women. Our goal is to extend messaging that women are beautiful at every size, whether you have Kim Kardashian’s booty or not. And that’s why you’ll never hear us talking about perfect bodies, but rather what’s right for your body. Because we know we are more than the sum of our parts. We hope other brands and retailers will follow suit, so posts like this become something of a historical relic. 

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