What Size Does Plus Size Start At?

What Size Does Plus Size Start At?

July 24, 2018

What Size Does Plus Size Start At?

The past few years have seen an incredible array of new plus size bathing suit, cover up, activewear and lingerie options, but finding the right size can often be a challenge. Aside from the fact that different brands will have different measurements, there are also very different sizing methodologies in use.

Here we will help to give some insight into how they work and what makes the most sense for you. Understanding your size is as easy as understanding out how these systems compare.

Most likely you have already noticed that some sizes just have a number like 14, while others have a “W” at the end like 18W. In addition, other styles will use a whole different system based on XL, 2XL, etc.

Misses Sizes vs Plus Sizes 

Garments that are sized just using a number are often referred to as “misses” or “missy” sizes. Often this sizing is associated with younger and trendier styles, but not always, as some brands will use this sizing for all their styles.

When a style’s size is followed by a “W”, this is more traditional plus sizing. The “W” stands for “women’s” and usually indicates that the garment was created with a more generous fit, especially in the bust and hip areas. Not as popular as in the past, sometimes brands will add the word “plus” or the “+” symbol after their numerical sizing, which is the same as adding a “W.”


Where this gets even more confusing is that some brands have both missy and plus collections, and in this case, it is not uncommon to see that both lines overlap with sizes 12 and 14. If this is the case, the 14W will be better proportioned for the typical plus customer, while the 14 (without the W) may be a smaller size graded up, but not build with plus in mind. That said, often a women’s size is roughly equivalent to the next misses’ size up.  For example, a 20W may be similar to a misses’ size 22.

At Always for Me, we pride ourselves on carrying styles that are created only with the plus size woman in mind. In addition to having a better fit, styles often have wider straps, power mesh and breast support including underwire.

X Sizes

This sizing system is usually associated with styles that don’t have as tailored a fit. For example, our plus size cover-ups are X sized, as they tend to be loose and flowy. Our plus size activewear is also X sized, as this sizing is the industry standard, regardless if plus size activewear or just a size M.

Plus Size Measurement Charts

Each brand has its own fit, so it is important to review the size chart before making a purchase. Every style on Always for Me, either our own brand or that from a designer such as Kenneth Cole or Raisins, has a specific size chart.


Styles that Fit So Great You’ll Never Want to Take Them Off

At Always for Me, we pride ourselves on world-class customer service, and our team of dedicated stylists is available to answer any questions you may have about the right fit or style for your body shape.

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