Thoughts On The Ideal Plus Size Sports Bra

Thoughts On The Ideal Plus Size Sports Bra

September 27, 2018

Thoughts On The Ideal Plus Size Sports Bra

We asked Cynthia Tivers, the founder of A Big Attitude, to tell us about what makes a great plus size sports bra great. Cynthia began her career in the 90’s producing television and exercise videos. She recognized the lack of options in workout clothing for larger women who wanted to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. From there, her commitment to quality plus size workout gear was born. For almost two decades, A Big Attitude has been known for plus size activewear for women with a keen eye on function and fit. Over the years, Cynthia has become an expert in the field when it comes to designing and manufacturing plus size activewear.

Cynthia Tivers on Plus Size Sports Bras:

“If you were to place a classified ad in the personals that stated something like this: Are you seeking a partner for happiness? what requirements would you list?

Most of us would look for someone we are comfortable with and who makes us feel secure. Good looks are a plus and so is overall quality. We want partners who are sturdy enough for a long run through time.

From our experience — that’s exactly the ad women would place for their other intimate partner as their sport bra! Repeatedly we have heard from you directly-the most common criteria for sport bra happiness are comfort and security. Combine that with quality and the garment you wear closest to your heart is your Chosen One.

Now it may sound a little unusual to describe a sport bra like you would a lover but in all honesty a good sport bra can work magic for you. Once you put it on you don’t have to think about it again until you take it off. Our straps don’t cut, there are no wires to dig at you and the fabric is soft and comfy against your skin. You can wear it all the time. under your street clothes, for athletic activities and we’ve been told by so many of  you even wear your ABA sport bra to sleep in because it holds you so cozy.

For more information on how to choose your best size, check our size chart and look for the number that best corresponds both with the measurement around the fullest part of your chest and your dress size. Once you get our sport bras as your partner, we predict a long and very happy relationship!”

Thanks Cynthia. We are proud to have the A Big Attitude plus size sports bras on our site and it is now available in five colors, black, white, navy, light blue and crayon pink. In fact Always For Me has been selling A Big Attitude plus size activewear for over 10 years and they are always customer favorites.

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