The Best Places to Go with your Families East Coast Edition

Summer Vacations: The Best Places to Go with your Families East Coast Edition

September 5, 2018

Summer Vacations: The Best Places to Go with your Families East Coast Edition

Summer may be winding down, but it’s not over yet. The end of the summer is the perfect time to plan one last summer escape.  It’s also the perfect excuse to grab your favorite Always for Me swimsuits and cover-ups, for one last hoorah. From girls trips to family vacations, Always for Me has pulled together a list of destinations that are sure to fit everyone’s taste.

 Below are the East Coast destinations that you will want to try this summer!

1.  Jersey Shore

No, we are not talking about the Jersey Shore that you see on TV.  Instead, we are talking about towns like Long Beach Island or Cape May.  

 Cape May is a unique town because it is known for being “haunted.”  Being one of the oldest destinations in America, there are many historical landmarks and destinations that make this town seem “haunted.”

 This knowledge doesn’t seem to stop East Coasters from flocking to Cape May.  This is one of the top destinations on the Jersey Shore because of the kid-friendly restaurants and boardwalk.  The boardwalk can be a great place to rock your Always for Me cover up.

Another great part of the Cape May experience are the activities outside of lying on the beach.  If you’re not feeling the beach one day, or if you are like me and probably got too sunburned lying out all day, then check out one of the other destinations.  A big hit is the Cape May lighthouse.

 With boardwalks, beachside hotels, and endless restaurants the whole family is sure to have a great time! Just don’t forget the sunblock!

2. The Shores of Maryland

The Maryland Beaches are another great beach destination if you live closer to DC. From Rehoboth Beach to Dewey Beach you are sure to have a great time.  

Rehoboth Beach has activities for everyone. With all of the hotels being no farther than a block or two away from the boardwalk you can jump right in on the action.  After spending hours on the beach in your plus size swimsuit make sure to drop by the boardwalk ice cream shop for over 60 flavors to choose from.  It is literally called “The Ice Cream Store” and is directly on the beach. This is a perfect mid-afternoon snack or nighttime dessert.  Another must in Rehoboth Beach is Nicola Pizza.  This pizzeria is famous for the Nic-O-Bolis.  This is Nicola’s version of a pizza casserole, and better yet everything in it is fat-free.  The best part is that it tastes delicious, and definitely not fat-free!

Dewey Beach, in Delaware, is just outside of Maryland and is perfect if you live in Baltimore or the outskirts of Jersey. Like Rehoboth Beach, the hotels are right on the beach, and there is an arcade to let your kids get their energy out at night. The arcade is even better than it sounds; it is also an amusement park! This will entertain your kids for hours and is a good mix between relaxing on the beach and playing games all night.  The arcade and amusement park is the perfect place to throw on your plus size cover-up and enjoy the games.

3. The Florida Keys

This destination is sure to be a hit if you want a “Caribbean feel” without actually traveling to the Caribbean.  The island is right off the coast of Florida’s southern tip and has a plethora of activities to choose from all while staying cool and comfortable in your plus size swimsuit.  This is a great destination for transitioning from beach to bar.

You can choose to relax at the pool or beach all day, and soak in the missed sunshine, or you can do some water sports like kayaking, jet skiing, tubing, and snorkeling to name a few.

 Kayaking is not only fun but a great work-out.  You and a friend can paddle out to the middle of the ocean, and take in the calmness of the ocean.  This is a great partner activity, and sure to keep your heart rate up!

If you are a thrill seeker then jet skiing is perfect for you.  Go by yourself, or hop on the back of someone else’s jet ski, and hit the water.  This is a great break from lying on the beach, and is fun to do with friends! You don’t have to be a child to go tubing, everyone can enjoy the thrill of falling off into the nice, cool water.  If you are renting a boat, then make sure to grab a tube too, so that you can take turns trying to knock each other into the water.

Snorkeling is a fun group activity, and a way to see the beautiful coral reef and the thousands of fish in the ocean.  You don’t have to know how to swim because a life jacket is a must. Don’t forget your waterproof camera, so that you can capture the memories forever!

The Florida Keys is the perfect place to wear your favorite Always for Me swimsuit and to flaunt what you got!

4. Disney World

What better way to end the school year, or to begin than a trip to Disney World.  Disney is “the best place on Earth,” and great for the entire family (grandparents included).  

From breakfast with Mickey and Minnie to roller coasters to dress up with the princesses, there is something for everyone in the group to do no matter the age.  And better yet, when it gets too hot, cool off by the pool at your hotel!  Nothing looks better than an Always for Me swimsuit, like the cute Daphne Plus Size Swimdress and some sun and a magazine in Disney World!

5. New York

If you and your family or friends aren’t beach people, then try out some cities for a summer vacation! What better way to spend your summer than a trip to NYC.  

NYC has so much to offer, that it’s hard to list everything but to name a few: bagels, pizza, Broadway plays, shopping, museums, central park, and restaurants.  

Some of my favorite restaurants include Rosa Pomodoro (one of the best spots to get pizza) and Cafeteria (upscale diner) that are both downtowns.  If you are looking for an uptown restaurant, Sarabeth’s is a classic, and is a must for brunch! If you go to Sarabeth’s you must try their coffee.  They are famous for sending out a pitcher of iced coffee with your delicious meal.

Be sure to stop by The Met (which is how savvy New Yorker’s refer to the Metropolitan Museum of Art) or The Natural History Museum, which is perfect for children.  The Natural History Museum has a special kids room where your kids can dig for archeological findings, and search for birds hidden in a tree.

Since you are going to NYC in the summer then you are in luck because The Met still has their special exhibit that Anna Wintour creates every year for the infamous Met Gala.  You will be able to see timeless fashion pieces from the top designers in the world. Anna Wintour hand-picks the exhibit, so you know the designs must be exquisite.

If fashion isn’t your thing and you want to get out of Manhattan for a few hours then catch a New York Mets or Yankees game in the boroughs.  The new stadiums have tons of great food stands and activities for before the game.


The list is endless, but you can’t go wrong with a trip to the city that never sleeps.

5. Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is filled with history and has endless (free) museums along the National Mall. 

Tours are given daily at the White House and the Capitol, and they are a great way to look inside our nation’s most prestigious buildings.  The Newseum is close by and is a great destination that will keep you and your kids entertained for hours. My favorite part of the Newseum is the bottom floor where you can create your own news program. You become the news anchor outside the White House or Nationals Stadium or the Capitol.

Want to leave the National Mall, have no fear, Georgetown is a great stop and right next door.  From the beautiful college to the endless restaurants and shops it’s fun to walk around, and maybe even grab a delicious Georgetown cupcake!

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