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Swim Week 2018: Plus Size Swimwear Try On Review by Shainna Tucker of @Thickgrlscloset

June 14, 2018

Always For Me had the pleasure of being featured in Body Positive Blogger Shainna Tucker @thickgrlscloset Swim Week 2018 Plus Size Swimwear Try On, where she reviewed some cute styles that are available for purchase on 


Check it out the review videos below!

SHAY: I think Always For Me has all of my favorite swimwear designers mixed into one.

SHAY: Anne Cole is actually one of my favorite brands from Always For Me. Because, her stuff is always Very chic, you know, very cute. But like, elegant in its own way.

SHAY: Even the hardware is very nice. Their bathing suits are just always Made super duper well. And I have nothing bad to say about this one.

SHAY: When you feel her bathing suits, you just feel the quality in it. And I’m just like… It’s all worth it in the end baby.