plus size bathing suit, kelsey olson

#SummerVacaySquad Goals and a Plus Size Bathing Suit

August 11, 2016

We all have our own unique plus size bathing suit style. Me and my squad? We’re a lot like… the Spice Girls. We’re sporty, we’re boho, we’re girly and we’re everything in between…. by Sarah Sapora of SarahPlusLife.

I feel pretty lucky to have such a great #girlsquad. (Wait, are we even using that expression anymore? Whatever, I still dig it!) Everyone needs a group of “ride or die” friends who will be there for you through thick and thin, make you laugh when you need it, friends who will ALWAYS delete the photographic evidence of a good night out. Having worked in the plus fashion industry for the last six years, I’ve made some really great friends with some one who are strong, beautiful, sensitive, hilarious and, simply, awesome. In my head—- we’re all rich. Like. “Fly to Rome last minute just because we can” kinda last minute. In reality, we’re all on budgets and working to make ends meet… But we can still dream!

I asked three of my besties  to pick their favorite plus size bathing suit from Always For Me and to tell me where their ideal summer vacay would take them.  First up?

Kelsey Olson, Plus Size Model:

plus size bathing suit, kelsey olson

Kelsey picked a wicked classic and chic Miraclesuit Escape plus size bathing suit. This is a timeless suit that will, literally, never go out of style. The cross-ruching in front ads a body shaping touch and the cups will raise her chest front and center in all it’s glory! Seriously, I can’t wait for Kelsey to sport this suit in an upcoming trip with some big sunglasses and a splash of red lipstick.

Alex LaRosa. Plus Size Model

plus size bathingsuit, alex larosa

Alex has a laugh and a smile that sucks you in a mile away! For her select, she picked the Versailles Underwire Plus Size bathing suit. We love this style because it’s retro and fresh at the same time! A little classic Hollywood glamour meets modern hottie.
You can find Alex on Instagram here!

Sarah Sapora, Blogger

plus size bathing suit, sarah sapora

Talking about yourself in third person is totally weird so… I’m going to “break the wall” and talk in my own voice here. I love this Aztec Zip plus size bathing suit! Every time I wear it or people see a pic of me in it they always comment about how unique it is. A suite with sleeves? Sign me up!
You can follow me on Instagram here!


Nichole Alex, Photographer

Nichole Alex

I have worked with Nichole Alex for years. As a photographer she has always shown intense creativity and commitment to the job. As a friend… she has always shown nothing but kindness. If this entry has a more serious tone, it’s simply out of respect for the fact that my friend is a total badass. This past year she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have watched her go through surgery and chemotherapy and, in just a week, she will go back into the hospital for more reconstructive work. But… she’s cancer free! When I asked her what plus size bathing suit she wanted—- she paused. Her dilemma? If she should pick a suit that would accommodate her  mastectomy now—– or find a suit that will work for her once her breasts have been reconstructed. I told her, eff* it and get the suit for when she has the newly built breasts of a 19 year old! We move forward. We don’t look back. And so, my dear friend Nichole, I hope in a few months we can wear this suit on the beach together. We won’t be in Greece but, I’ll bring you a block of feta cheese and you can wear this plus size bathing suit that speaks to your soul and we can celebrate you in every way!  And they say a plus size bathing suit is just a piece of cloth…. I beg to differ. Nichole, you and your cancer-free body will wear the hell out of this Harley Swimdress!!

Every bathing suit has a story. A dream. Every bathing suit is a vacation waiting to happen. These are the vacations of just a few of my friends… Where will your suit take you?

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