Plus Size Swimsuit Trends for 2019

Plus Size Swimsuit Trends for 2019

December 10, 2018

Plus Size Swimsuit Trends for 2019

2018 was a trendsetting year for plus size swimwear. From the return of off the shoulder styles, to cutouts and strappy details, all with head-turning designs, and so much more. Filling your closet with endless fashionable swimwear options has never been easier. Below are five must-have plus size swimsuit trends for 2019 to add to your wardrobe this year!

Polka Dots

Polka dots have reemerged onto the plus size swimsuit scene. Polka dots are a timeless, cute and playful style essential, meant to uplift any collection of plus size swimwear. Whether heading out for a beach date with a friend, or spending a day at the beach with the family, there is no style more classic than polka dots.


Cutouts burst onto the scene the past two years and are bound to evolve through the New Year. Whatever your desired style, cutout swimsuits come in all sorts of designs from razors-thin slices to strappy details. With endless options for comfort and trendsetting style, embrace your playful and sexy side with peek-a-boo cut outs in your swimwear.


If you don’t like the flashy, daring appearance of a cutout, or just love the look of the classic one piece, a cute minimalist swimsuit might be a good choice for you. Solid, single-color swimsuits are becoming ever more popular heading into 2019. Simple, yet elegant, a minimalist swimsuit is sure to make a statement at the beach. Whether a timeless black one piece swimsuit, or a bright blue tankini, these swimsuits are perfect for a day at the pool or beach, without all the bells & whistles of trendier designs.

Off The Shoulder

Inspired by tropical styles, the popularity and glamour of a strapless design with flirty ruffles off the shoulders.  Off the shoulder swimsuit is perfect paired with maxi skirts, wide leg pants, and wedge heels, taking you from the beach to the tiki bar. Incredibly flirty and bound to impress, the off the shoulder style is sure to turn heads and get people asking how they can get theirs in time for the 2019 swim season.

Mesh Layers

Essentially a mesh-lined cutout, this type of trendy swimsuit is perfect if you are a bit more reserved about showing too much skin, but still love the look of a cutout. Mesh swimsuits are the perfect mix of sexy and sophisticated! It is more modest, yet equally stylish, the benefit being, avoiding the likelihood of unnecessary tan lines. From basic mesh styles, to intricate fishnets, there is a wide variety of ways to get the fabulous style of a cutout and the peace of mind of being covered up.

While we, undoubtedly, will be introduced to new styles in this upcoming year, some trends are here to stay. Incorporate one, two, or all of these plus size swimsuit trends for 2019 into your chic plus size swimwear wardrobe, to show off your keen sense of style, and to guarantee that you are ready to hit the beach or sip some mojitos by the pool in unsurpassed style!


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