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All About Love – A Self Love Reminder from Sarah Sapora

July 27, 2016

We’re halfway through the summer and I have one burning question for you…

Have you found your love? No, silly, not a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend. Or both. I mean… the love you have for yourself. That love. Have you found it yet? No? Well then… it’s time. Consider this a quiet, self love reminder from me to you. 
Sarah Sapora, blogger from SarahPlusLife and GreaterAt40. 


When you break it all down… it’s just about love.
The thing that moves us all. The burning desire that openly fuels us or the low-flame simmer that keeps us just at at boil. That forces us to wake up, put our two feet onto the floor and stand to begin our day. That lulls us sweetly to sleep at night with an even-paced breath.

It’s just about love.  Love for others. But, even more, love for ourselves.

Without love for yourself, nothing is right. We can fight it kicking and screaming. We can put fancy curtains over the windows in the hopes of covering up the mess inside. We can deny how hugely intrinsic it is to our core makeup as human beings but… without love for yourself, nothing is right. We walk without moving forward. We eat without tasting. We hear music around us, but are unable to listen. The first step to living is always, and clearly, to find the love.

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Find the love for YOU that lets you dance. The love for YOU that lets you sing. The love for YOU that lets you splash in the waves of a salty ocean without hesitation or pause.

The love for YOU that embraces your skin. The love for YOU that accepts your body. The love for YOU that knows the world is your oyster and, if you simply open your heart to the depth of possibility… anything can happen.

The love for you that lets your partner put their hands on places that might normally make you cringe—your stomach, your arms, your hips, your heart. The places your first defense kicks in to keep them at bay. The places you built the wall, tall and strong, to keep others from entering or, was it to keep you from leaving?  Find the love for you that washes all that away, like tide as it recesses back into the sea.

sarah sapora, keith webb, body positive, sarahpluslife

When you break it all down… its just about love. Look for it in the little places. One step at a time. One heartbeat. One reminder, again and again and again that YOU ARE ENOUGH. One message you email your brain every time it starts to stray. You are enough. You are love.

And one day. Maybe over time slowly, or maybe like bright morning sun that bursts through the window, it will be fast and intense.  You will find it, and never let it go. Because, when you break it all down… it’s all about love.


Special thanks to my friend,  Keith Webb, who isn’t my boyfriend (sorry mom!) but reminds me with his love and light that there is beauty to be found in all our bodies… even the places we’re scared of. And to Nichole Alex for the photos. 



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