Looking Great at the Beach

Looking Great at the Beach

October 18, 2018

Looking Great at the Beach

Whether you are headed to the Jersey Shore for a fun weekend with your BFF’s, or you are off to tropical destination to nap on the white sands and work on your tan, the beach is the perfect escape. To help you look great at the beach, Always For Me asked two of the leading swimsuit models to share their best tips for feeling beautiful, confident and sexy this summer.

Nicole Le Bris

  • My go-to swimsuit is usually a two piece that’s comfortable, fits my body well, and reflects my personal style.
  • The key to feeling confident in a swimsuit is realizing there is no such thing as a perfect body, and your body looks the way it’s supposed to look, right here and right now, own that, and exude confidence from the inside out! To me, there’s nothing more inspiring and attractive than a woman who is comfortable in her swimsuit, regardless of shape and size.
  • Advice for looking great at the beach is to let go of your insecurities. Worrying about who’s looking at your cellulite isn’t going to make it go away, so sit back, relax and focus on having fun and enjoying life!

Melinda Parrish

  • I’m more of an active beach goer, so I like a suit that both looks good and holds everything in place. So I look for something that flatters my shape and also supports the activities I want to do, like paddle boarding, beach volleyball, and horsing around.
  • Swimsuits that are most flattering for curvy women are “ones that draw attention to curves with cut, embellishment, and support. Any suit that is designed to ‘mask’ imperfections usually just looks frumpy–so play up those assets instead!”
  • Focus on enjoying the beautiful setting and the people you’re with, not what you’re wearing. That’s the best way to release insecurity and live in the moment!

The Always for Me team would like to thank Nicole and Melinda for their awesome tips on looking and feeling amazing. If you need some help picking out a swimsuit that will help you look great at this summer, you might enjoy the blog post “The Pattie Byrnes Guide to Stress Free Plus Size Swimsuit Shopping“.

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