Krinkle Plus Size Swimsuit

Why Always For Me Loves The Iconic Krinkle Swimsuit

December 5, 2016

When it comes to swimwear, it does not get more iconic than the Krinkle Swimsuit by Penbrooke. A one-piece swimsuit with cute krinkles on the front and back, the Krinkle is known for its unparalleled style and comfort. Whether heading to the pool for some R&R or to your water aerobics class, the Krinkle’s unique blend of support and flexibility is the perfect swimsuit for all women and will surely allow you to enjoy your day at the pool.


Krinkle Empire Maillot in Marine

Always for Me has fallen in love with the Krinkle Swimsuit and offers our customers a full array of plus size options. The Krinkle offers you the freedom to fill your wardrobe with a vast array of fashionable colors. If you’re looking for a bold blue swimsuit, or if you have been searching for a basic black one-piece, the Krinkle can satisfy any and all of your desires. Not only that, but the Krinkle is Chlorine resistant meaning you can spend all the time you want in the pool, without being nervous about the color fading.


Krinkle Cross Back Maillot

Going for a workout in the pool? Not only will you look stylish in your Krinkle swimsuit, but the Krinkle will exceed your expectations as your new pool workout attire. The Krinkle is perfect for swimming laps or pool flutter kicks. Its one-of-a-kind fabric and design allows for free movement while staying securely on your body. It also features extra areas of support and comfort throughout the body to ease the strain on your muscles during any workout.

Lastly, but most definitely not least, the Krinkle is affordable. You can get the unmatched style of the Krinkle for a price within your budget. Always for Me has fallen in love with the affordability, versatility and fashionability of the Krinkle, and once you get your hands one, we know you will too.

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