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Grab a New Pareo – Island Dreaming

March 10, 2017

Pareos are classic and fashionable wraparound skirts, similar to a sarong, that will offer you the perfect blend of versatility and comfort for your next warm weather vacation or trip to the beach or pool. These stylish pieces date back hundreds of years, originating in Tahiti. Initially, pareos were known as “pareus”, worn by Tahitian women as a skirt from the waist to the knees. As Western influence entered the South Pacific Islands, Tahitian women introduced more Western features to their pareos, adding a tie over one shoulder. These pieces continued to grow in popularity and a wide variety of styles were created by Western and South Pacific designers alike. As Westerners struggled to pronounce the name, “pareu”, of these increasingly fashionable skirts, they began to call the bold and unique garments “pareos”. And as the cliche goes, the rest is history. Pareos today have evolved into a trendy look for women and men. They are known for their vivid colors and floral, tropical patterns reminiscent of an island paradise.

Pareos can be worn in numerous way to fit your preference and style. Women typically wear it as a long or short skirt over anything from a swimsuit to a tank top to leggings. Interestingly enough, these pieces are not  “women only”. Men can wear a pareo as a short skirt, or even make shorts out of it, especially when fishing or working in the bush where freedom of movement of the legs is needed. But during quiet, cooler nights at home, they may wear it as a long skirt too.


No matter which way you choose to wear it, Always For Me offers a wide range of prints and patterns for you to find your must-have pareo. Additionally, with Always For Me’s options, there’s no need to worry about being overheated on a scorching summer day in the sun because each pareo is made of 100% polyester chiffon, guaranteed to keep you cool and comfortable all day long. Here are just a few some of Always For Me’s best pareo options:


Always For Me Wonderland Plus Size Pareo

Abstract Print Plus Size Pareo


The eye-popping modern floral print on this sarong is sure to make a fashion statement at your next trip to the beach. The soft fabric makes it light and comfortable, and the gorgeous design makes it a must-have addition for your beach and pool-going wardrobe.





Always For Me Sahara Plus Size Pareo

animal print pareo


A truly one-of-a-kind swimsuit cover-up, the Sahara Pareo is made for your next summer adventure. With its rich colors and tones, it will pair stylishly with any black, brown, or warm toned swimsuit or top in your collection. Whether you’re an animal lover or someone looking for a pareo to make you stand out, this pareo is for you.




Always For Me Semi Sheer Long Plus Size Pareo

black plus size pareo


This sarong style cover-up has a simple, yet stunning, all-black print that makes it a perfect choice for any occasion. It’s incredibly versatile with its timeless design and unique texture, and as with all of Always For Me’s pareos, it is guaranteed to keep you cool and cozy throughout day and night.





From Always For Me’s vibrant Wonderland Plus Size Pareo to Always For Me’s chic Black Semi Sheer Long Plus Size Pareo, and everything in between, there is no doubt you can find the perfect style to fit your personality. And to ensure you are not overwhelmed by each sarong’s versatility, each Always For Me pareo comes with an instruction card so you can find the right look for yourself! Everyone should have at least one pareo in their closest for their next summer day at the beach or pool, or for their next vacation, and Always For Me is the best place to find the perfect pareo for you!