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Faith Costa – Overcoming Swimsuit Anxiety

July 21, 2017

Flipping through Faith Costa’s instagram, you would never believe she once suffered from the same kind of swimsuit anxiety most women face.

Gorgeous photos, of water and waves and oh yes. Faith in a bikini!  As a teenager, Faith never focused on it much but was convinced she needed to cover up and try not to be seen. It’s amazing what the subconscious mind can control.  Two years ago, Faith decided to take a chance on herself at the age of 21 and  she bought my very first bikini. “Seeing myself in a bikini for the first time in my life was eyeopening and very emotional. I wish I had done it sooner, because since that first time, my body positivity and self love has skyrocketed.” says Faith.  “I wish I could tell my younger self not to worry about silly things like being self conscious, and that I don’t need to fit into anyone else’s mold because I never will, and that’s okay. I would tell myself to own it and to rock whatever made ME feel most comfortable and confident. I wish I could tell my younger self to just put on the bathing suit and LIVE… because you can’t live your whole life hiding behind something that will help make your whole life THRIVE.”


What is Faith’s #1 swim style tip for feeling confident ?

“Wear what makes you feel empowered… if that means covering up, do it! If that means letting it all out in the open, go for it! It’s your body, your rules! But for me, I like to style my swim outfits like an outfit! Big sunglasses, cute cover-up, sandals, maybe some big earrings and a great beach bag are always my style and make me feel amazing!For a picture perfect summer swim ensemble Faith loves the Timothy Snell Elizabeth Zip Front Plus Size Swimsuit and Always For Me Lace Up Dress.  Both pieces have great beach to street styling so you can pack light and still look chic.

 Always For Me is happy to have Faith as part of our summer 2017 #AFMSwimSquad

Name: Faith Costa
IG: @faith_plusfashion

1. When someone says “Summer” you think of–beach vacations!

2. My dream vacation (fantasy getaway) destination is— Amalfi Coast! That would be a dream!

3.My favorite summer fashion trend for 2017 is— mesh and/or fringe!

4. My summer beauty tip to look fabulous is–less is more! Try not to do a full face of makeup, but instead a more natural glow with a bold eyeliner or lip! It’s effortless, trendy and very summer chic!

5. Beach or Pool?–Pool! Wave Runner or Water Park? Wave Runner!

6.  You’ll always find – sunglasses, suntan lotion, a fashion magazine and cold bottled drink 😉 — in my beach bag.

7. My favorite summer color is –Blue or any rich turquoise color!

Going “Down the Shore” means there’s something for everyone to do –   Sun, surf, sand, fun and nightlife. This summer when Faith heads to Jersey shore with family and friends to the family beach house, she knows she will be having the time of her life and making lifelong memories.

photo credit Caroline O. Adegun (@goodvibeshollywood)

photo credit Caroline O. Adegun (@goodvibeshollywood)