Can You Alter a Swimsuit?

Can You Alter a Swimsuit?

August 6, 2018

Can You Alter a Swimsuit?

Everyone has her favorite plus size swimsuit that they just can’t part from, or maybe it is the new swimsuit that you just bought that needs a little alteration to fit your body properly.  Don’t worry, Always for Me is here to answer a popular question: Can I alter my bathing suit? Luckily, the answer is yes!

Alter the Straps

Every woman has tried on a bathing suit that fits perfectly except for the straps. While many Always for Me swimsuits offer adjustable straps, sometimes the silhouette doesn’t allow for this (i.e. with a halter style top). This is a common problem, and luckily there is a simple solution.

If your straps are too short, take them to a tailor who will be able to add length, or if you are handy with a sewing machine, you can add length yourself.

If your straps are a little too long, a simple solution is to trim the straps to the desired length.  This is something even an unskilled craftsperson can do. Simply go and buy some fabric scissors, mark your desired length with a sharpie, and snip off the fabric.

With this simple cut, you have a whole new swimsuit that will actually support your chest.

Alter Your Bottoms

While Always for Me offers many different sizes, sometimes no bottom size fits exactly right.  When this is the case simple alterations can be done to your swimsuits. This can be done by taking them to a tailor or by altering your bottoms by hand.

If you are talented with a needle and thread, then get sewing by taking in the edges of your bathing suit.  If you are a modest sewer, then stick to the bottoms because the top can get a little tricky.

It is important to note that it is difficult to make bathing suits larger with simple alterations without adding paneling (looking at tip 4) because of the lack and type of material.  

Add Panels

Do you have a two-piece from last year that you want to change up?  With this simple technique, you can alter your two-piece to create a whole new, trendy one-piece swimsuit.  This can be done by adding paneling.

A fun panel to connect your top and bottom with is mesh.  Mesh is very trendy right now and will turn your two-piece into a fun and flirty swimsuit.  

Are you wondering how to do this? The first step is going to the fabric store and picking out the desired mesh you like, and the one that matches your current swimsuit. Then you can sew it between the top and bottom by using thread and needle or a sewing machine.  

This is a fun DIY project to do right before your vacation or day at the beach with friends, and you will for sure be turning heads on the beach.

Cut Your One-Piece in Half

If you just read tip 4, then you are about to hear the opposite.  Are you ready for a change from your one piece, and want to strut the beach this summer in a bikini?  Then you’re in luck; you can now take your one piece and turn it into a bikini.

The first step is marking where you want your bottoms to fall: do you want a high waisted or low rise bottom?  Once you have decided, make a mark at the appropriate location, grab some fabric scissors and cut the one piece.  

For the next step, you will need some sewing skills.  The bottoms may not fit exactly right since they are now standing on their own.  You will need to buy elastic and sew it into the bottoms where you want your bottom to fall on your stomach/hip.  This will also clean up the cut marks on your bottoms.

If you want support for your top you can do the same, or you can simply clean up the cut marks.  Instead of adding elastic to the top, you can add extra fabric to the back, so that you can tie the bathing suit.

Add Stitches to Your Bottoms

When you go to the pool or beach with your friends and family you want to feel confident in your body and swimsuit.  One way to accentuate your bottom is by adding stitching to the back of your bathing suit. The stitching creates a ruffled effect on your behind, which accentuates your curves.

In order to get the perfect stitching, you simply need to buy thread the same color as your swimsuit and then sew three rows of stitches to the back of your bottoms.  This simple addition will create a whole new bottom and a whole new feel to your bathing suit.

With this stitching, you will be the star of the beach!


Add Gems and other Bedazzalements to your Swimsuit

If you are looking to add some fun to your Always for Me swimsuit, try this DIY project to make a one-of-a-kind bathing suit.

In order to add gems and bedazzlements you can go to your local craft store, and buy some cool and fun pieces to glue onto your suit.  Make sure you buy waterproof and fabric glue so that they don’t fall off on the beach!

You will be the talk of the beach with your “custom” swimsuit.

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