Break ALL the Plus Size Swimwear Fashion Rules This Summer!

Break ALL the Plus Size Swimwear Fashion Rules This Summer!

June 27, 2018

Break ALL the Plus Size Swimwear Fashion Rules This Summer!

Embrace body positivity this summer and feel good about how you look, no matter where you are, even at the beach. Media reminds us, on a daily basis, that they don’t see (and often times treat) plus size women the same as our more slender gender sisters! They also remind us of all the things they think we should or shouldn’t be doing. Plus size women can’t wear prints, plus size women don’t workout and all that nonsense. But media doesn’t define who we are. No one does, except ourselves. So this summer we are defying the odds, breaking all the plus size swimwear rules and defining ourselves to be empowered, inspired, beautiful women- regardless of size. Unless you’re living under a rock, body positivity is everywhere, and we are all for it!

This summer, we invite you to join us in being body positive. Join us in LIVING. Join us in breaking ALL the rules and hashtag us while you do it with our official hashtag, #AFMSwimSquad. We want to be inspired by your confidence.

Need a starting point? No problem! Here are 4 rules we’ll be breaking this summer:

Rule # 1: Wear black, it’s slimming

Yes, black can be slimming. But who said we want to be slimmed? Be confident in the size you are right now. Stand strong in the body you were given and wear whatever color you want to! Choose the swimsuit with a sexy detail or fun pop of color and standout on the shoreline!

Rule # 2: Plus Size Women Should Hide Their Belly

It’s hot, it’s sunny and we’re having a blast. Sorry, but this summer we’ll be too busy having fun to worry about how you feel about how we look. Bikinis are fun, on-trend and look great on ANYONE and ANY body type! Go retro this summer with a striped high waisted, 50’s inspired bikini!

Rule # 3: Plus Size Women Don’t Do Summer Activities

I mean, we all know this couldn’t be further from the truth! A walk on the beach, a bike ride through town, beach volleyball, surfing, poolside yoga, boogie boarding -we do all of it! Sure, we may make some modifications, we may have to take a sip of water or a small break but size does not limit us from being active and having fun. This summer, we signed up for surf lessons and so we’ll be splashing around channeling our inner surfer chick! Choose an active-inspired swimsuit that combines fashion and function.

Rule # 4: Plus Size Women Shouldn’t Wear Prints

This one is just as annoying as plus size women should wear black. Who cares what color we do or do not wear? Our rule? Wear whatever color makes you happy, whatever print adds a pep in your step, whatever color combination and pattern speaks to your creative soul. Wear what YOU like and forget about the rules and suggestions.

The moral of the story? Embrace the body positive movement, find a swimsuit that matches your personal style/taste, order it in your size and hit the beach with a smile. Forget the rules, just don’t forget to tag us in your beach-style photos this summer busing #AFMSwimSquad!

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