Best Plus Size Swimsuits For Your Body Shape

Best Plus Size Swimsuits For Your Body Shape

January 26, 2019

Best Plus Size Swimsuits For Your Body Shape

Having trouble finding the perfect swimsuit to fit your curves? Always For Me offers the best brands and styles for all plus size shapes to look and feel your best! We are here to help you find the swimsuit that will accentuate your body this summer! 

1. Hourglass

The hourglass is probably the most commonly known and recognized plus size body shape. Women with this curvy shape will have a full bust, equally proportioned shoulders and hips, and a narrow waist. Since much of swimwear is designed with this body type in mind, it can be easier for you to find swimwear, so take this opportunity to play up your curves. Look for styles with creative cutouts, mesh inserts, or plunging necklines.

2. Apple

For women with an apple shape, your waistline is your widest measurement with both your bust and hips narrower in comparison. For this body type, elongation is key. Look for plus size bathing suit styles that have keyholes, plunge, or deep V-necklines that can draw the eye downwards. If you’re busty, look for styles with zippers or adjustable ties that allow you to control how much you show off.

3. Rectangle

Women with a rectangle body shape tend to be straight from top to bottom. Rectangle shapes have little difference between shoulder, waist, and hip measurements. To help bring out your curves choose plus size swimsuit styles that highlight one area such as a belted style that nips in the waist. Color blocking and seaming can also help to create curves for rectangular body types.

4. Inverted Triangle

Women who have an inverted triangle body shape are broadest in their shoulders and get slimmer the further down you go. To help balance the shoulder to hip ratio, choose styles that have ruffles, peplums, or skirts. Now that’s what you call fun and functional.

Check out what our customers had to say about our Always for Me Twist Front Bandeau:

Fit absolutely amazing and hid every bad spot! Seriously! I could walk down the mall in this suit! I carry my weight in my belly. Size 20/2x in regular clothes. Ordered 22. Fits perfectly! Love!

I just received this suit and it is the best swimsuit I have ever had! I was very nervous about buying a swimsuit online and I have never spent $98 on a suit, but I am so glad I did! I have a vacation in a week and wanted something I wouldn’t dread wearing, since I haven’t worn a swimsuit in years. The ruching on the bust and stomach area really hide anything you may not want seen. I carry my weight in my lower tummy and in my bust. I was so surprised at how much cup support this suit has, even without underwire. It really is super slimming and is not frumpy at all! Best part is that it arrived four days after I ordered it! I ordered the royal blue and it is so pretty. I am a customer for life!

5. Pear

The pear body shape is the opposite of the inverted triangle. Women who are pear shaped are widest at their hips, narrow through the shoulders, and have a smaller bust. Pear shaped woman should look for styles that highlight the delicate upper body and create balance with the curvier lower half such as strapless styles or an off the shoulder ruffle. If you’re not comfortable with your fuller hips, try a skirted one piece or swimdress when choosing your plus size swimwear.

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