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Always for Me asks a Designer Cat Oshman – Designer at La Blanca

May 4, 2018

Interview and article by Sarah Jankowski

Always for Me asks a Designer

Cat Oshman – Designer at La Blanca


Always for Me recently interviewed Cat Oshman – Head Designer at La Blanca to pick her brain regarding La Blanca’s 2018 swimwear trends, designing and fitting a plus size swimsuit, shopping tricks, and what she’ll be rocking this summer.

Cat Oshman – Designer at La Blanca

Always for Me:

Which key trends did you draw upon for the 2018 La Blanca plus size swimwear collection?



Global Chic was the overall inspiration for the 2018 collection. Tropical island vibes with a modern approach. Colors ranging from saturated brights to deep jungle hues. We want her to feel sexy and confident for any travel destination.

“The Great Escape” Mood Board by Cat Oshman and team

La Blanca Beyond the Jungle Plus Size Tankini Top (Click the link above to learn more) Style# 8KD85W

Always for Me:

What are some of the differences that into constructing and fitting a plus size bathing suit?



It’s important that she feels supported and sexy in our La Blanca Women’s swimsuit.

We want her to know that the plus size swimsuit she’s wearing is part of our premium collection, just built to complement and flatter her curves.

For these reasons, we are very strategic when constructing a plus size swimsuit.

We add extra support at her bust, tame her tummy with a discrete special lining, lower the leg openings, and add adjustable shoulders straps so that everything stays in the right place.

Photos from a La Blanca “Leaf It To Me Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit” fitting

La Blanca Leaf It To Me Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit (Click the link above to learn more) Style# 8YC23W

Always for Me:

What role do you think the fashion industry has in helping to promote body positivity?



The fashion industry, as a whole, plays a huge role in promoting body positivity.

For so many years the standard of “beauty” was tall, slim, and basically “perfect”. The industry has come a long way in broadening the definition of “beauty” to be more inclusive.

Now you see women of different heights, weights, color, age, and ethnicity featured in fashion editorials and flooding all media types.

It’s great to see more women being able to relate to fashion and promote self-confidence.

West Orange County Women’s Conference, September 27th, 2017


Always for Me:

Are there any common mistakes you feel women make when selecting a bathing suit?



I think that both shopping for a swimsuit and going out in public in one can be as horrific as public speaking. After all, you’re basically half naked!

Generally, I would advise women to find a swimsuit that fits well. This is especially important if you plan to get wet, be active, or will be running around with/after your kids.

Look for a suit with bust support, seat coverage, and a style that you feel confident in.

Big picture – If a woman feels great in a swimsuit, I say “Go for it!”


Always for Me:

What will you be wearing to the beach this summer?



I’m loving one pieces this season.

To me, there’s nothing better great one piece that’s sexy, cute, flirty, and complementary in all the right places.

La Blanca Black Plus Size Cross-Back One Piece Swimsuit (Click the link above to learn more) Style# 8KE26W

La Blanca Bora Bora Off The Shoulder Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit (Click the link above to learn more) Style# 8YA11W


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