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#AFMSwimSquad Spotlight – Morgan Buckner shows off her new bikini

July 27, 2017

Oh the places, she’ll go .. A recent college graduate, Morgan loves traveling, hiking, food, and fashion. From Virgina, to Florida to Haiti for a mission trip, Morgan is inspiring people with her generous spirit and body positive message. We caught up with Morgan before she was off to her mission trip to Haiti to find out a little bit about her.

plus size fashion blogger - Morgan

Name: Morgan Buckner


Location: Washington, D.C.

Social Media:@movinthroughlife

1. When someone says “Summer” you think of … Having a relaxing time and enjoying the summer.
2. This summer, I can’t wait to wear my … Always For Me Color Block Bikini!
3. My dream vacation (fantasy getaway) destination is …Most definitely Bora Bora!
4. Which iconic summer film best describes your life? Right now I would say it resembles Working Girl, but as a young adult and teen it definitely had its Grease moments.
5. My favorite summer fashion trend for 2017 is All the braids! I know its not new, but gosh they’re getting better!
6. Baywatch is back! Which celebrity would you want to meet on the beach? Jennifer Aniston, hands down!
7. What is your favorite summer memory? Going to the lake every year and just being able to be together with family.
8. My summer beauty tip to look fabulous is?
Sun Screen! I know its not the greatest thing, but it will help SO much.
9. How do you overcome swimsuit anxiety? If you feel confident in what you’re wearing then everyone else will see it too. Wearing what you want is a great joy in life, you should embrace that.
10. What is your favorite warm weather activity? Kayaking! I wish I could be out on the lake every day!
11. Beach or Pool? Wave Runner or Water Park? Hammock or Chaise Lounge? Pool, water park and of course a hammock!
12. Who do you want to spend your summer with? I would love to spend the summer with my best friend, Alleesha.
13. My #1 swim style tip for feeling confident is?
If you feel self conscious about something about your body, that’s okay! That’s normal! But if you feel like you love what you’re wearing, wear it more!
14. You’ll always find ______ in my beach bag. My journal! Got to write stuff down!
15. My favorite summer color is …Millenial Pink is totally the best.

Morgan’s advice “Traveling is one of the most important things to do in life. You can learn so much by seeing other people’s culture, lifestyle, how they live and work. ”