9 Plus-Size Swimwear Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

9 Plus-Size Swimwear Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

August 9, 2018

9 Plus-Size Swimwear Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Wherever you are planning on enjoying the warm weather that this summer (or vacation) has brought you, you are surely excited to show off some new swimwear. If you have not found the perfect pieces yet, and need some inspiration, look no further than these 9 current trends in plus-size swimwear!


Plus Size Halter Swimsuits are great for accentuating your shoulders. If you would like to try a more retro look, this may be the style for you (especially if the straps are thicker). This style is typically best suited for women with smaller busts but can work for women with larger busts as well, depending on the specific style of the swimsuit. However, if you are in need of more support, see the next trend!


Plus Size Underwire Swimsuits are well-suited to women with larger busts, as they provide more support than many other styles. They can also provide a more natural shape than molded cups. By supporting underneath the bust, they can give you a more relaxed fit as well. Underwire can be incorporated into many different swimsuit styles, including tankinis, bikinis, and one-piece suits. So whatever style you prefer, you can incorporate this supportive feature into it!


If you want a medium-coverage look, plus size tankini swimsuits could be the right style for you. They provide more coverage than a typical bikini, but less than your average one-piece. Compared to bikinis and one-pieces, tankinis can be more comfortable and easy to move and swim in. They also come in many different lengths, so however much coverage you would like, you can probably find a tankini that suits it. This style can also provide support for women with larger busts.


With a plus size one piece swimsuits, you can experiment with many different shapes and styles. For example, cutouts below the bust can be flattering for women with larger busts, while monokinis, which typically have cutouts around the waist, are especially flattering for women who carry more weight in their hips. One-pieces can also be great for women who want a more modest swimsuit, or who would prefer to have their stomach covered.


Plus Size Off the Shoulder Swimsuits can double as tops when you are strolling along the boardwalk, beach, or wherever you happen to be! If you want to show off your shoulder, this style will do so. Also, if you like to wear more voluminous bottoms, such as a swim skirt or ruffle bikini bottom, this style top can make you look more balanced.


Plus Size Bikinis are always in style! With tons of styles, colors, and patterns available, you have the ability to experiment and find what you love and feel most confident in. They can also be mixed and matched to create many different looks, so they are practical and versatile, especially if you enjoy switching up your swimwear often.

Swim Dress

If you prefer a more modest swimsuit, but want something different from traditional one-piece swimsuits, try out a plus size swim dress. This is a distinct design that can really show off your personal style. They are also simple and easy to wear, and if you are comfortable enough, you can often get away with not wearing a cover-up.

Swim Skirts

If you like the look of a swim dress, but want something a bit more versatile, look no further than a plus size swim skirt! Swim skirts provide the fun and unique style of a swim dress while allowing you to mix and match with tops like you would a bikini bottom. These, like tankinis, can come in many different lengths, so you can pick whichever length makes you feel most comfortable.

Swim Shorts

Plus Size Swim Shorts are perfect if you want a bit more lower-half coverage than your average swimsuit bottoms. They are also very practical if you are going to be doing any physical activities, such as beach volleyball, water-skiing, or even just a walk along the beach.

If you want to try out swim shorts, here is a quick tip: A lower hip cut can flatter more curvy lower body shapes, while high waisted boy shorts can help create more symmetry for those with larger chests.

These styles are not mutually exclusive; you can mix, match, and combine many of these trends to build your perfect plus size swimsuit!

While certain styles, patterns, or colors may be deemed more flattering for certain body types, remember that these guidelines are not an absolute truth. The best swimwear for your body is what you feel the most comfortable and beautiful in!

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