8 Ways to Style a Pareo or a Sarong

8 Ways to Style a Pareo or a Sarong

October 3, 2018

8 Ways to Style a Pareo or a Sarong

Sarongs, pareos, and beach wraps, oh my! Chances are if you walked through a store, flipped through a magazine, or browsed your favorite swimwear site, you’ve seen a sarong, pareo, or beach wrap. But what exactly are they, what is the difference between them (if any), and for goodness sake, how do you style one?

The different names come from the types of fabrics, prints, wrapping techniques, and global regions from which each originated. Today the three names are pretty interchangeable. Styled correctly, sarongs or pareos are an easy way to breathe life back into an old bathing suit, complete a new summer look, or use in place of a traditional plus size cover up. Bonus, they’re a great complement to your plus size bathing suits!

Fun and flirty, the sarong is the perfect swimwear accessory you never knew you needed until now. Below we’ll show you eight ways to rock your sarong(s) all summer long and beyond.

1. The Classic

This look is fast, easy, and perfect for the girl on the go. Simply wrap the long edge of the sarong around your waist or hips, wherever feels the most comfortable to you, and tie the two ends into a knot to secure. This is a great option if you’re looking to cover up a bit in the hip and thigh areas. It also works great when paired with your favorite plus size tankini or one piece.

2. Greek Goddess

To help channel your inner goddess, go Greek! Similar to the classic, drape the long edge of the sarong diagonally across your body and tie the two ends at your shoulder. Another way is to double knot two corners and simply lift the knot so it rests on your shoulder. This look offers more coverage, especially your tummy area. Rock your plus size cover-ups like the goddess you are!

3. Strapless fly away

If you want to be a little more covered up, opt for the strapless fly-away “dress” option. To get this look, wrap the sarong around your bust, just under your arms, and tie the ends into a knot. A simple, yet effective way to rock your sarong wrap all summer long.

4. Twisted Halter

If you love the idea of the strapless fly-away above but want to feel a bit more secure, the twisted halter is for you. Simply wrap the sarong around your back, like you would a towel. Next, bring the ends to the front and cross them (bring the left side to the right shoulder and vice versa). Finally, tie the ends behind your neck. The finished look should be a cross-over high-neck halter “dress” that offers style and coverage. This style is perfect for longer and wider sarongs. Finally, the perfect way to complement your plus size swimwear.

PRO TIP: If your sarong in REALLY long and/or made from lighter weight material you can cross or twist the ends a few times before securing into a knot behind your neck.

5. The Draped Cape

This look is fast, fun, and super fashionable. It’s simple, just drape your sarong from behind your back, towards your front allowing the ends to hang free. This is perfect for a classic effortless look.

6. Waterfall Vest

If you want to cover up your backside, while showing off your front, then the waterfall vest is for you. Drape your sarong loose around your waist from behind, like you would to start the classic. This time instead of tying the sarong around your waist, knot the ends at the very tip and then slip the knot over your head so it rests on the back of your neck. This style creates an open front with a scooped, yet covered back, the perfect touch to any plus size swimsuit.

7. Long Tailed Headband

Often overlooked, utilizing your sarong as a hair accessory is all the rage. What’s great about this, is that it tends to work with almost any length sarong, even shorter ones. Simply fold, twist, or roll your sarong into the desired width for your “headband”, place where you want your headband to rest, secure at the back of your neck with a knot, and let the tails hang loose. The sarong wrap, not just for covering up.

PRO TIP: During a beach day your hair can frizz up with the elements. Cover up your crazy beach hair with the sarong as a head band and enjoy the rest of your day with no worries!

8. Beach Bandit Bandana

Sarongs can be used for more than a plus size cover up. Similar to how you would tie a square bandana, take the same approach here. Fold the bandana diagonally, drape folded edge across the forehead, tie at back of the head over hair. This is an easy fix for those bad hair moments after a day at the beach, or if you want your hair off your face.

PRO TIP: This style is easier with thinner fabrics and shorter sarongs. If you want to “shorten” yours, try folding it in half and then on diagonal so you’re working with more of a square shape for tying.

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