8 Beach Activities For Your Kids This Summer

July 15, 2016

8 Beach Activities For Your Kids This Summer



There’s nothing like a family trip to the beach. Soaking up the sun with your kids is an essential family bonding experience. While lounging in your stylish plus size bikini, one of your trendsetting one-piece swimsuits, or your favorite piece from your collection of chic swimsuit cover ups, here are 8 activities to keep the kids busy and enjoy a day at the beach.

  • Build a Sand Castle



All you need is a your hands, a bucket and a shovel for your kids to build the Palace of Versailles in the sand. Put your children’s creative minds to the test in seeing who can build the tallest and most royal castle fit for a king and queen.

  • Beach Pictionary


With merely a stick, or just your fingers, you and your kids can become the Van Gogh of the beach. Have someone begin to draw an image in the sand and see who can guess what it is. Whether artistically gifted or not, this is an easy way to get whole family involved in your beach day activities.

  • Beach Limbo


Use any object ranging from a towel, to a pool noodle, to a tree branch, and see how low your kids can go. You can join in on the fun too and test your flexibility in your glamorous plus size swimsuit or while wearing one of your trendy tankini bathing suits.

  • Fill a Bucket Relay Race



Place two buckets 15 feet away from the water, split into two teams, and see which team can use their olympian speed to scoop water into their hands and run back to fill the bucket first. Once one team member drops their water in the bucket, the next teammate can go. Play parents versus kids for an extra ounce of fun and competition.

  • Beach Volleyball


With young children, it might be hard to play beach volleyball with all of the usual equipment, but a towel and a beach ball will more than suffice. See how many times your kids can hit the beach ball back and forth over the towel without letting it hit the sand. You can even play with the kids to show off your athleticism in your cute tankini top.

  • Beach Frisbee


Playing catch with a frisbee under the shining sun of the beach is always a great way to have fun. However, for even more excitement, draw circles in the sand numbered 1 through 5, each further from the frisbee thrower, and see who can toss the frisbee into the targets to accumulate the most points.

  • Beach Scavenger Hunt


Sea shells are the most mesmerizing objects for kids to find while exploring the beach. As you relax in one of your elegant plus size sundresses, have your kids scour the beach for as many sea shells as they can find. Whoever finds the most can be crowned as the family’s best treasure hunter.

  • Beach Mini Golf



For this, bring out your plastic golf club and ball, dig a few holes in the sand, and play a round or two of mini golf. You can have the fun of a golf course, but instead of having to wear fancy clothes, you can relax in casual swim cover ups or comfortable plus size swimwear. See who the family’s top putter is, and even build ramps or additional holes in the sand to make your course more challenging.



Next time you go to the beach, don’t worry about how you and your kids are going to have a good time. Flaunt your sexy plus size swimwear or your glitzy one piece swimsuit as you enjoy a round of minigolf with the kids, or toss a frisbee on the shoreline. The options are endless for entertaining your kids on the beach, and by the end of the day, you may have had an even better time than your kids.

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