6 Easy Summer Looks for your Locks

6 Easy Summer Looks for your Locks

April 24, 2018

6 Easy Summer Looks for your Locks

Looking cute for the summer can be tricky, especially when it comes to being beach or pool ready.

Don’t let the hassle of your hair stress you!

Below are 6 easy summer looks for your locks that will keep you feeling amazing while you rock your favorite Always for Me Plus Size Swimsuit.


Topknot buns are everywhere and for good reason – this style is quick, easy, and looks great on almost everyone with longer locks.

This hairstyle works with either damp or dry hair, which is perfect for when you’re in a hurry or just popped out of the water.

Pro Tip: This style easily transitions into beachy waves the moment you let your hair down or pair with stylish sunglasses for a killer look!

Au natural

Summer is a time to let loose – why not share that philosophy with your hair?

If you have naturally curly hair, send your flat irons and hair dryers on vacation this week and let your locks air dry.

Pro Tip: If your locks need some extra love, use a leave-in conditioner with the twist out style method to help give your curls some definition.


There seems to be a braid for every occasion, and this summer is the perfect time to try a new braid style.

Braids work great on textured hair and can be a lifesaver as a 2nd or 3rd day hairstyle.

French braided pigtails are a cute summer style for any hair length– and don’t worry about making it perfect, a few loose pieces give off a relaxed vibe.

Pro Tip: Know your hair texture to determine if you need to start with wet or dry hair.


Low side braids are another great option, especially if you have longer locks.

Pro Tip: This version works great for a variety of hair textures. Don’t be afraid to play around with how “clean” you make your braids. Sometimes sloppy just works!

Loose Waves

Loose beachy waves are a favorite go-to summer classic.

A quick way to create this look is to start with pulling hair into a pony tail and then curling the ends. Don’t forget some hairspray so you waves stay put.

Pro tip: You can also get this look from taking down your braids or high bun (see above).

Headbands, Scarves, and Wraps

Headbands, scarves, and wraps aren’t just for bad hair days, they are a great accessory your favorite Always for Me Plus Size Swimsuit and create a beach bohemian vibe.

Your pareo sarong can quickly serve as a headband or wrap that is sure to turn head, while keeping you cool and stylish this summer.

Pro Tip: For more ways to style your Always for Me Plus Size Pareo Sarong check out our blog post here.


Ok, we admit this isn’t technically a hairstyle, it IS an effortless way to protect your skin and stay cool without compromising your style.

Besides, who doesn’t love a good beach hat?!

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