5 Reasons Plus Size Swimsuits Might Cost More

5 Reasons Plus Size Swimsuits Might Cost More

August 20, 2018

5 Reasons Plus Size Swimsuits Might Cost More

Women who buy plus size swimwear know that it can often cost more than swimwear that is under size 12. You may be wondering why plus size swimsuits cost so much?

 It’s true that plus size swimwear costs more than missy size swimwear, but there is a good reason behind it! Here are 5 reasons plus size swimwear can often cost more. Please note that Always For Me takes great pride in NEVER charging more for larger sizes. All sizes of all styles on our site are always the same price. That said, since we only carry plus sizes, we often are asked the reason the styles on our site might be more expensive than elsewhere.

Quality Above All Else

We here at Always For Me take great pride in the fabrics and materials we use to create our branded swimwear, and we only buy from designers that offer the best fabric, construction, and style. There are many ways to cut costs, but we have learned since starting our company in 2001 that it is more important to have best in class quality instead of cutting corners.

Fabric, Fabric, Fabric

The base fabric of our suits is the biggest driver of costs, often accounting for over half the total cost we pay for swimwear. Top quality power mesh adds expense, and we know how important it is to hold your bust in place and hug your curves in the most flattering way.


We also offer a range of plus size underwire swimsuits to provide styles with additional bust support. The additional construction required to make an underwire can add more to the cost of a bathing suit as well. A great example of one of our top selling styles that uses our signature swimwear fabric as well as underwire is the Nicole Underwire Swimdress that give you an incredibly flattering figure.

Details, Patterns, and Construction

The creation of a plus size swimsuit takes much more time and attention compared to a missy size swimsuit. Designers of plus size swimsuits will recreate patterns several times to create the most slimming silhouette for a plus size women. The construction of a plus size swimsuit goes through several rounds of adjustments, so the customer is receiving a swimsuit that is best fitted. For instance, many Always For Me products are designed specifically with ruching and wider adjustable straps so customers can feel their best! 

Additional fittings on different body sizes

 At Always For Me, we know that not every woman who is a specific size like an 18W looks the same. Every plus size woman has a different body type, curves, bust cup, the list goes on and on. Plus size swimwear designers take this into account. Sometimes up to five fit models of the same size come to try on a swimsuit before it goes into production.

With the opinions of so many different women, designers are able to pinpoint the adjustments needed so the swimsuit complements every body type. The Always For Me Plus Size Beach Flower Tankini Set looks great on a wonderful range of customers.

Plus size focused companies like Always For Me put time and energy into creating swimwear that will make you feel and look your best.

From the quality fabrics to the multiple model fittings the additional costs you are paying for your plus size swimwear are all going towards making the finest swimsuit for you!

Always For Me stands by our impeccable quality, garment construction, long-lasting fabrics and attention to detail. The next time you go to order a swimsuit and see the price tag, remember all the time and effort that was put into making the best plus size garment.

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