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5 Easy Homemade Snacks that are Beach or Pool Ready in a Snap!

June 11, 2018

Article by Marisa Garten

A beach day is always an amazing time for family and friends to get together and enjoy the weather, have fun with the kids, and even have a barbeque! We know it can be a struggle to keep the children entertained and have snacks on hand so Always For Me has pulled together a few snacks that you can pull together in a snap and are great for children and adults.

Salad in a Cup

(Click the image above for the recipe!)

These easy meals are great when you’re on the run because of how easy they are to put together.

Simply start with your favorite dressing on the bottom, add veggies and lettuce, and seal with a lid! Just like that, you have an easily transportable beach or pool snack/meal

Plastic containers work great with the cold, but if you have some coffee cups or take-out containers lying around, now is the time to reuse them!


Frozen Grapes

(Click the image for the recipe!)

This is honestly one of the easiest snacks to make; simply put some grapes into plastic bags, freeze them overnight, and then take out the next day to enjoy!

Throw them in the cooler and relish in these refreshing ice-cold treats.

You can supplement grapes with any fruit, such as watermelon, peaches or strawberries.

Another great tip is to toss the fruit in juice before freezing it, and you can get an extra boost of flavor! You can essentially toss it in anything before putting it in the freezer; sparkling water or champagne for the adults, and apple juice or lemonade for the kids!


Pro tip: Try using something with a high water content, as it freezes the best!


Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

(Click the image above for the recipe!)

In the mood for a unique fast meal? This pasta salad is great for a beach outing and can be packed in the cooler with ease.

Feel free to swap out the recipe with any ingredients of your choosing, depending on what your party enjoys!

Because it has dairy in it, we recommend to keep it in a cold place right up until you eat it.

Simply prepare the night before and store in containers with sealable lids so friends and family can enjoy an elegant lunch that only took minutes to prepare!


Party Mix

(Click the image above for the recipe!)

Party Mix is an amazing way to combine a whole bunch of your favorite nuts, chips, pretzels and sweet treats into a big bowl to enjoy! Party Mix is so versatile, you can practically include anything, as long as they pair well together.

While there are many kid-friendly party mixes that include cheese balls, pretzels, and chips, there are also many recipes that adults can enjoy, such as nut and fruit mixes.

Store in an airtight container and head to the beach to enjoy!


Pro Tip: Trail Mix is another alternative that combines more nutty and sweet flavors together.


Pro Tip: Feeling “green”? Simply reuse old juice or coffee creamer bottles as easy stow-and-go containers.


(Click the image above for the recipe!)


Lunch Boxes

Lunch boxes are such an innovative way to create and store lunches for your children and have separate compartments for each snack.

These are great to have at the beach because everything stays in its container and messes are avoided.

Whether it be turkey sandwich bites, apples, and pretzels, or bruschetta and bean salad — lunch boxes are a great option for people of all ages!