4 Ways Your Mindset Can Smooth the Transition

Shifting into Spring & Summer: 4 Ways Your Mindset Can Smooth the Transition

May 8, 2018

Shifting into Spring & Summer: 4 Ways Your Mindset Can Smooth the Transition

After months of snow and cold, we all know the excitement that comes with the beginning of spring. Before long, visions of afternoons at the beach or pool begin to dance in our heads. It’s easy to get swept up in the romance of spring and overlook that shifting from one season to another can be challenging in some ways.

Below are 4 tips to transition into spring and summer without missing a beat.

1.   Be Realistic with your Spring/Summer Expectations

There is a tendency to become attached to warmer temperatures the second we have our first nice day of the season.

We begin to expect that the weather should be warm by now, and any day that we wake up and this is not so, we have set ourselves up to feel deeply disappointed. We invite you to let go of your expectations this spring. Instead, enter each day with a sense of curiosity and acceptance. “What will today be like? How can I best enjoy it?”

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2. Stay Flexible

Spring can mean more than just a change in the weather, for many, it also signals additional changes such as the end of a school year, the need to spring clean, or a time to “get fit” for summer. During this time, remember to be flexible. Whether it’s your children being out of school, or additional “things that need tending”, remember that life can’t always be planned. Understanding that spring and summer are times of change and remaining flexible to these changes will ease the transition.

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3. Slow Down

Spring and summer aren’t without their drawbacks. The warmer weather often means increased allergies and spring colds. Remember that our bodies need time and space to adjust to new weather conditions. Now is the time to focus on self-care. So, don’t forget to slow down and take a moment (or 2) for yourself.

4. Plan Ahead

Between barbecues, pool parties, and rocking your favorite Always for Me Plus Size Swimsuit on the beach – it’s important to have a plan. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to plan out the entire summer, instead focus on a few major events such as a road trip or family BBQ.

Planning ahead gives you things to look forward to!


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