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Always For Me

Always For Me Chlorine Resistant Plus Size Swim Bra

This swim bra should be a necessary component for your summer, swim, and active wardrobe! It is supportive and chlorine resistant which makes this bra the ideal multi tasker.

Since 2001 customers have raved about our impeccable QUALITY, garment construction, long-lasting fabrics and attention to detail.

Always for Me: Swimwear Your Curves Deserve!



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Chlorine can wreak havoc on your hair and your swimwear. If you frequent chlorinated swimming pools for fitness or just for fun, it’s important that your swimsuit is able to stand up to repeated exposure to chlorine. The Chlorine Resistant Swim Bra by Always For Me is designed to resist chlorine damage while still providing plenty of support and protection. It is made from Creora, which is similar to spandex, but is resistant to chlorine damage. The swim bra design is extremely versatile and goes easily from the gym to the pool. It can even be intermingled with your casual wear.

This stylish pool proof swim bra includes a built-in foam cup bra and power mesh lining to keep the girls in place while you swim or workout. The T-back styling helps keep the garment close to the body for extra support and security.


  • Chlorine Resistant
  • Foam Cups Sewn into Power Mesh
  • 1.5” Elastic Base
  • T Back Styling
  • Side Seam Measures 6”

COLORS: Black, Navy
SIZES: 14W, 16W, 18W, 20W, 22W, 24W, 26W, 28W
FABRIC CONTENT: 80% Nylon 20% Spandex

Care Instructions

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: After each use, rinse your swimsuit in cool or lukewarm water to remove residue from salt water or chlorine. Do not machine wash (even on delicate cycle), use bleach or other harsh detergents: HAND WASH in lukewarm water with a small amount of mild detergent (like Woolite). To dry, hand wring gently and hang outside in shade, or lay flat on towel. Do not dry in dryer or line dry in direct sun. Not for use in spas or hot tubs, as doing so may greatly reduce the life of this swimsuit.


Customer Reviews

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Good not Great

Not much support if you’re heavy up top, but it is good material and very comfortable when you go for a swim.

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Two Thumbs Up

Great product. Well made and fits exactly as described.

How would you rate this product?


Gets the Job Done

I bought a 24W. The coverage is excellent, which is really why I bought this bra. I wear it under a swimsuit to avoid spilling out the sides, and it does the job well. Two dislikes: the lift and support aren't as good as I'd like; it's okay, but not great. And the material is a little stretchier than I expected, so not sure how it will fare with frequent use.

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Everyone Needs One

This is basically my favourite product in existence - I'm not kidding. I've had one of these for at least 5 years. As a busty, bigger girl who likes exercise they are amazing. I wear it a few ways. 1: it's obviously a swim bra - I wear it under my swimsuit for brilliant support (shelf bras...pffft...) while lap swimming or whatever, and I never have to worry about being exposed or unsupported. 2: I wear it while lifting weights. Anyone who has ever tried to deadlift with an underwire bra and big boobs will tell you the same - it's not possible. You will stab yourself through the armpit. But these give me enough support to lift weights confidently. 3: I wear it around the house or to the shops. It's comfortable enough for lounging at home, but supportive enough to leave the house in. I have NEVER found another pull over crop top style bra that has this level of support, let alone versatility. Honestly, everyone needs one. Or two. Please, please never stop making these!!!

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Miss Liza11/29/2017

Great support, great value

I wore the swim bra today, and it was great! Size 24 fit perfectly, but I'm closer to a 28, so the bra runs big. It fits just like a hug, with a lot of support. My suit had hugely oversized cups, and I'm a DD. I cut the cups out, took the top in little, and the bra held the girls in place. Another plus-the bra is warm. No more painfully wrinkled nipples. I feel especially lucky to have found it on sale.

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Would recomend

My husband ordered for me and the swim bra worked out so well ordered 4 more. Performs well while swimming and water workouts. Would recomend

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Fine bra but not for me. Had to return it.

I would have liked the bra but it was too difficult to put on for a senior. I liked the quality.

How would you rate this product?


I have putchased quite a few of these!

Pros: I love these swim bras...I can wear them alone, under another longer swim top for added coverage, and I use them lots for working out with low impact exercise...
I have bought quite a few of them and have been getting lots of use!

Cons: hate the tag on the inside...no matter how much of it I cutoff, there is still some there and continues to itch/scratch even after several washings...

Would also like more colors to choose from...scl

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Yes, You're in luck.

Finally, no uni-boob. Well made and true to size. I will be buying more. Purchased this to go under a rash shirt. Works perfectly.

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Love it buyiing another one size smaller

Love this swim bra. A little too big after it got wet so I am buying a smaller size. Love the back that holds the straps in place very well while swimming.

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good looking swim bra

I haven't tried it on yet as I had some dermatology work done and cannot put bra on at the moment. It looks nice n the package and the shipping was very fast.

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Fantastic product

I am so pleased to have found this swim bra. I wear a f/get cup size and basic suits didn't support me and when wet, I felt exposed. I almost didn't try this due to the difficulty in finding bras that fit.

I ordered the largest size as I'm a 50 to 52 width, and it fits perfectly! I did my water aerobic classes and also swam laps, it kept me in place and I had a better workout as I felt confidence as I moved around in the pool. Ordering a second bra. It's very easy to get on, a bit more challenging to remove when wet.

I'll never be without one again

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Kathy 7/10/2016