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Workout clothes for curvy gals 

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November 18, 2009 -- Not long ago, an ABC7 viewer contacted us after seeing a fashion show featuring plus-size models. The viewer wanted to know if we could help her find some stylish workout clothes for women with curves. She told us she is working out and feeling good. But she's unhappy wearing over-sized T-shirts and sloppy sweatpants while she exercises. She asked us to find comfortable and flattering workout wear for full-figured women. So we contacted our Curvy Style Expert and Columnist for, Michele Weston who came up with some great suggestions. 

"We're hitting the holiday celebrations and also creating all the lists of resolutions for getting healthier and looking great in our curves," Michele says. "Companies have found that for those of us with a fuller-figure, even the length of a T-shirt makes for a more comfortable workout experience." 

Exercise wear that fits can make the workout session a more positive one, especially when trying out something new: like a spinning class, Yoga or Pilates mat class, or even walking outdoors, Michele adds. 

"Everybody wants to be able to have the choices for working out no matter our size," Michele continues. "If you're wearing clothing that is designed for the task at hand and flatters your shape, chances are you will be more motivated not just to work out, but to work out harder and more effectively." Click here for The ABC Show Segment

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