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lets go greenmy house
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Going Green can be an overwhelming thing to alot of poeple.
Personally, I feel like I can only make one little change at a time. I do feel like it is my responsibility to do what I can for the planet.
I see going green four ways:
This is something that has become my passion. And, as many things do, it takes research. So, as I am researching ways to be a better human being on this planet, I would like to share my findings with you, my customers. Without you, I would not be where I am today. This is just another way I can give back to you and also make a positive impact on the world around me.

I feel fortunate to have access to so many people who if they changed one little thing in their life it would create a wave of change in the Universe. So, my plan is to share easy tips through out this section. This tip will be something I personally have tried out. And, I want to share it with my customers, whom I care about and appreciate more than you could know.

Come with me and letís GO GREEN!!