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There is NOTHING like this bra. It is one of a kind. Read what people are saying about it. "I LOVE YOUR SPORTS BRA!! "I read about your sports bra in Real Simple and ran out to lucy in Bellevue Square (WA) to buy one. Actually I didn't run because I have not been able to run in more then two years because of the extra weight in my breasts. I never ever thought a sports bra would make such a difference - so much that I am compelled to write and thank you. I can run! My trainer was shocked when he kept adding more speed to the treadmill and I started running to keep up. "Sunny - WA (E-mail)" Just wanted to thank you for a great product. I wear your bras for walking and bicycling but have also found them great for my work environment. I am an Occupational Therapy Asst. and must work in very close proximity to my patients. Your bras are the only one that "get my breasts out of the way" to allow for ease and comfort for both myself and the patients that are having shoulder and upper back problems. Thanks again -I'm hooked on Enell for ALL aspects of my life!"D. Downey -email" I just wanted to let you folks know that I was part of the team supporting Eberle Kush at the Great Floridian Triathlon in Clearmont, Florida last weekend. I am also her mother and own two Enell workout bras. I love my bras and wear them constantly. They're pretty and they provide support like no other bra I've owned. I've lost 70 pounds and am going to order new bras when I reach my goal weight."Sandra - TX "I am a life long athlete, and I can say from personal experience that this is the best; most supportive bra I have ever had. I can finally run without pain or discomfort."Wendy - AZ " I just wanted to write and tell you that the bra I have is the most wonderful bra I have ever owned! I am 60 years old and ride horses. I have never in all 60 years found a bra that works as well as this one. Thank so much for the best riding bra ever!"Donna - VA " I recently had Breast Reduction Surgery and have been searching for a good support bra. I am happy to say, I found one. I received my new bra yesterday, went running this morning and I cannot sing your praises loud enough. This bra offers the absolute best support I have ever found and doesn't skimp on comfort! Thank you, thank you! I am ordering another one today. I am telling everyone I know!"Kelly - TN" Thanks so much for making a sports bra that really works! Trying to become fit is tough enough when you're an overweight person, but trying to find a sports bra that really offers the support a larger women needs was pretty much impossible until I discovered ENELL. Now I can exersize in comfort and feel less awkward doing high impact classes at the gym. I've recommended the ENELL sports bra to everyone of my friends"Eilisa - e-mail" I just wanted to send you a note of appreciation. I never could have imagined that "the bounce"could be gone. And it's comfortable! Thank you so much for thinking about a real woman.Jessica - TX" Your sports bra is the greatest ever!! I love it so much, it has done wonders to my life. No more back aches, out of control bouncing, and having to sometimes wear two bras. Now I can just slip on the Enell and be a whole new woman!!! You're the best!!!Reneae - e-mail "I bought this sports bra so my 16 year old daughter could play softball and volleyball more comfortably, but she lives in her new sports bra! It is so comfortable, she wears it everywhere, and this coming from a girl who only wears fashion name clothing. The only way I'm going to be able to wash it is to get her another one. Thanks!"Belinda (E-mail) "WOW! What an incredible product! I've been in search of a sports bra that provides support and comfort for the last eight years and nothing comes close to the Enell Sports Bra. You did it!"Deborah (Chicago, Illinois) "Your sports bra is the BEST I've ever used. All those useless sports bras are headed for the trash. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll definitely be ordering more in the very near future."Amy R. (Rochester, NY) "THANK YOU!! I have waited 14 years for a bra that works and here it is, one that makes me feel caressed and supported no matter what I choose to do with my ample frame."Sleepless (E-mail) "I am a very large active woman. And I want to thank you for making such a comfortable well fitting bra for women that are bigger. Society often believes that larger women are lazy and inactive but a big portion of us are not. I love to lead an active life and with the help of your bra I know that I will be able to walk further, climb higher, and feel better than I have ever felt before in my normal tatty un-fit for exercise bra."Dawn (Saltdean, England) "I LOVE IT !!! A month ago I ordered a couple of sports bras. Unfortunately, they were much to small! I then ordered the next size up, and I have to tell you, It took some getting used to but I have never been happier with a sports bra. Oprah was right? I feel like telling all of those women at the gym who need just a little more support to call you! Thanks for your help and for a great product!Dianna (Orangevale, California) "The Enell provides excellent all around support and comfort. Its quality and performance are superior to the sports bras and tops that I've tried."Vanessa (Bakersfield, California) "This was the answer - great fit. Thanks for your help."Ginny (Bay Shore, New York) "You have found another faithful customer. I have searched and struggled with exercise bras and yours is definitely the best. I am telling everyone I know about your product. I usually don't write to companies, but I couldn't resist letting you know how much I love your bra...I will be ordering another today."Raven (E-mail) "Your bra has changed my life--honestly! Being very well endowed has always left me self-concious and unable to be active (or find shirts that fit!). I wear my Enell every day (I have tossed out all my other bras) and can't imagine my life without it. Please keep up the great work!"Tina (E-mail)