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Read what Oprah had to say

Many magazines agree that the Enell bra is incredible. Read below:

Oprah's, O Magazine
March, 2004
LOVE THAT! "The loveliness of the long-distance runner - or any woman on the move - is guaranteed in a ... bra with style and support." "The double-layered fabric delivers more glamour, less friction, and you can trust it with bigger busts. A front hookup guarantees speedy locker-room changes."January, 2003 The Cover Page ... as well as fitness photos featuring Oprah wearing the ENELL Sports Bra Oprah's off to a good start in the New Year with the ENELL as part of her everyday workout wear. See the SHOP GUIDE on Page 163.THE ENELL SPORTS BRA- Is proud to be on (or should we say under) the cover of the January 2003 issue of O Magazine as well as nine fitness photos inside. April, 2002 The O List " A few things I think are just great." OPRAH HOLD EVERYTHING - " Once you get yourself hooked into this thing, believe me they're not going anywhere. "--------------------------------------------------------------------------------about.comRunning and Jogging editor didicated an entire review to the: ENELL Sports Bra. Here's just a portion of what she had to say: -For most women, the sports bra is the most important piece of equipment they buy. However, many women still aren't getting what they need out of their bra. This becomes especially problematic for women with large breasts. For some women, Enell sports bras have become the solution.Bras seem to come in all the wrong sizes, whether you are very big breasted or not. Enell has fixed this problem, by having an easy-to-use size chart and more sizes than a normal bra. They have bras that fit women from 32C - 50DDD. However, they also will make custom bras! If there isn't a bra your size, they'll make you one. Enell bras are the best support I have ever seen in bras. There is little-to-no motion at all, even during running or jumping. Through use of both compression and encapsulation, Enell bras are as close as you can come to leaving your chest at home.Jesslyn Bass Running/ Jogging Editor Chicago Sun TimesJanuary, 2005 Tidbits about the Stars from their Trainer Trainer Kathy Kaehler Reveals the workout secrets of actress- Michelle Pfeiffer, model Claudia Schiffer, Friends star Jennifer Aniston, movie star Julia Roberts and actress and producer Drew Barrymore. The Sun Times reports that "Chesty actress Drew Barrymore has had more trouble finding a bra supportive enough for working out. Kaehler recommended the brand Enell" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------SELF MagazineNovember, 2004 ENELL Sports Bra is proud to be the top ranked sports bra for larger breasted women in the November Self Magazine Sports Bra Review. An ENELL Sports Bra is pictured on page 84 where self Magazine is searching for "The Best Sports Bra for Your Size". SELF goes on to report: The ENELL Sports Bra is "Best in Test"!The Self Magazine tester goes on to say. "The Enell Sports Bra is the best bra I have ever jogged in," says Tricia, 23 a triple D who used to wear two bras to work out.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First MagazineOctober, 2004 Real Life; "One simple change can make you happier and healthier." Renelle Braaten's motivation for designing the Enell Sports Bra and beginning steps she took are outlined in this artical.Being larger breasted, Renelle designed the ENELL Sports bra out of need. "If only manufacturers made a decent sports bra for larger breasted women," she thought. Determined, she enlisted the help of her seamstress mom. Together they whipped up a prototype featuring wide non elastic straps and a full back.The article goes on to say... "I wanted to help as many women as possible because I know how it feels to find something comfortable that works." she says. And judging by Enell's success, it's clear she's won lots of loyal fans who know first-hand that physically fit comes in all sizes.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Women's Health & FitnessMay, 2004 Featured in news & notes shopping mall section ENELL's sports bra for larger breasted gals is revolutionizing sports bras! Used by professional athletes, Olympians and Hollywood stars, ENELL is now available to women everywhere. Manufactured with a high tech wicking fabric ENELL comes in ten sizes and four colors. Custom orders are available. This no-bounce sports bra works with two supportive layers of fabric, wide shoulder straps, solid ribcage band and a posture support system sewn into every bra! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Vancouver SunJanuary, 2004 Well-endowed women no longer lack support: Latest in bra technology ensures exercise where nothing gets out of place SAINT JOHN NB. - Two Saint John-area sisters are lifting up the spirits of well-endowed women and supporting them in their exercising endeavors.Since October, Jane MacGillivray and Mary Ann Gallagher - of Mary Jane's Sportswear in Saint John - have sold the latest in sports-bra technology to women whose bra sizes range from 32C to 52DD. The Enell bra is endorsed by none other then Oprah Winfrey."So many women are not exercising because they can't find a decent bra, and it deters them," said MacGillivray. "Our objective is to get those people out, and get those people moving."Large -breasted women have long had trouble finding something that will keep them in place as they exercise, and many of them wear two bras to the gym."The way we look at it, too, it really is providing a service to people because really, you can't get a decent sports bra anywhere around," MacGillivray said.Mary, a woman who preferred that her last name not be used, said the sports bras are wonderful. She bought two Enells for her sports-minded daughter."Its impossible to find a product that held her in place," She said. This holds you in place so that you don't even think about anything other than what you're doing.""Some people balk at the price, but I want to stress that it's a piece of equipment, really," MacGillivray said. "It's the same as a person buying a decent pair of sneakers. You're not going to run in cheap sneakers.'The Enell sports bra was designed and patented by American Renelle Braaten and her mother. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Prevention MagazineOctober, 2003 BUZZ - (Comments sent to Prevention from their readers) BRA WORTH EVERY PENNY - Reader's comment: "I highly recommend finding a good sports bra. I, too, am well endowed, and the problem kept me from running. I went through a lot of styles before I found a bra that was truly " no bounce." It's expensive, but worth it."Becky, Waverly, Ohio -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Real Simple MagazineApril, 2003 " Staffers worked out in dozens of bras to find the best. " ENELL was the choice for larger breasted women who want support & comfort for high impact activities... Straps won't dig into shoulders and help in controling bounce... One DD size tester said, "This is the only bra I can do jumping jacks in." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shape Magazine - UKMarch, 2003 " Bigger breasted women will find this bra particulary comfortable. It offers great support." The Enell Sports Bra received a top mark of 5 Stars - tested along with five other sports bras, ENELL was ranked at the top! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sports Illustrated Woman March/April, 2002 Gear We Love from the Tip sheet This is the ultimate sports bra for well endowed women - you won't move an inch. Endorsed by track and field Olympian Pam Spencer-Marquez and pro beach volleyball player Tiffany Anderson. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Heart & Soul MagazineAugust, 2002 Which C+ sports bra gets an A+ for support and comfort? Our readers tried a few on for size. Editor's comment: The leader of the pack. Reader's comment: "Finally! A bra that supports and prevents the unsightly jiggle when I run. It was not too tight and I certainly didn't feel constricted. Despite the price, I'd definately buy this bra. It was a perfect fit all over,"Debra, 34, Mitcheville, MD --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Women's Sports and FitnessJanuary/February, 2000 Best-supported Actress To star in the upcoming film Charlie's Angles, Drew Barrymore knew she'd need more than perfectly feathered hair. Acting out the high-speed scenes would call for real strength and stamina. Drew was never a fan of working out, so when she came to me two months ago, we started out simply, walking on the treadmill at 3.5 miles per hour. Then we added 3-pound weights to strengthen her upper body. After a couple of weeks, I tried to get her to jump rope. Her face told me this was the last thing on Earth she wanted to do. Later she admitted that high-impact exercises hurt her chest. So I gave her an ENELL sports bra, a tight vest with eye-hook fastenings. Drew tried it on and jumped around, and nothing moved. She was so excited. "This thing's going to change my life", she said. Did it ever. That day she jumped rope and ran a quarter of a mile. Now she's comfortable exercising – and she's fit to battle crime.- Kathy Kaehler, fitness trainer. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Runner's World August 2000 Full Support, 10 Great Sports Bras for Large-Breasted Women Our top 10: ENELL Sports Bra. Evaluation: We guarantee that your breasts won't bounce in this bra. It fits so snugly that many women assume they need a larger size. The extra-wide straps and back cover more area and offer more support. As one happy D-cup-size runner says, "With this bra, I can run marathons comfortably, despite my size. Also, I can wash it repeatedly and it doesn't stretch out."--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Competitor, California's Fitness Magazine September 2000 The Bounce Stops Here! ENELL Sports Bras give larger–breasted women the support and comfort they need to be able to exercise and play sports. Designed for women by women, it uses two layers of top-quality Lycra, wide shoulder straps and a wide band around the ribcage. They come in 10 sizes, from a 32 B to a 50 DDD, and custom-made bras are also available. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Extra HipSummer 2000 Model and Pro Beach Volleyball Player Tiffany Anderson "I have been full figured since my early teens. In terms of body image, I am in a much better place now. My relationship with my body, view of my body and my self esteem are much better than when I was younger. I used to slouch over because I was so tall, now I stand tall. In high school, I was so self-conscious because I had very large breasts and back then they had no good bras at all. When I used to jog at practice, there would always be crowds watching. Instead of swinging my arms at my side, I used to pull my shirt out with my hand and hold it out because I knew that my breasts were bouncing and I didn't want anyone to notice them. If I'd had a good bra like the ENELL bra, I would [have] had my head high, my shoulders back and my arms swinging, not thinking about whether people were looking at me bouncing. It would have completely changed my mind-set, I could have been building myself up and thinking about how I was going to beat my opponent, not about my bouncing breasts." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Extra HipFall 2000 Under – Where? Another important addition to the bra family is the sports-bra – a must for our playtime. A goodie like the ENELL Sports Bra reigns you in and provides the utmost support and comfort. Even the chestiest of hipstahs can run and jump in a good sports bra.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nationally Syndicated Newspaper Columnist Dr. Paul G. Donohue Dear Dr. Donohue:A woman wrote inquiring about sports bras for large-chested women. I suffered the same pain until I found out about ENELL, a mail-order company that specializes in sports bras for large-chested women. -AnonReply:I'm sure many women will appreciate that you shared that information with us. Rarely a week goes by without a letter asking me for a solution to the pain that large-chested women endure not only when exercising but also when doing their daily chores. -Dr. Donohue --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Parenting April 1997 ENELL SPORTS BRA. This no-nonsense bra offers serious support, particularly for extremely large-breasted women. Front hook-and-eye closures make it easy to get into this designed-to-be-tight garment. Ten sizes to fit 32B to 50DDD*.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Women's Sports and FitnessAugust 1997 Although not yet a household name, ENELL fills a giant (so to speak) demand for providing large-chested women with adequate support. "I love this bra" said one size-D runner. "After 10 miles, I was still not aware that I even had boobs." Available in four colors, the bra comes with a unique up-the-front hook-and-eye closure system, which makes getting it on and off as easy as wearing a jacket. The shoulder straps are wide and comfortable, and the satinlike material, while far from superior at wicking (this has been corrected with our new high tech Naturexx fabric) provides serious motion control while equally distributing weight. This bra is also ideal for postoperative breast reconstruction patients looking for comfortable support and compression during recovery.