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Are you a caring individual with good organizational skills? Or, are you a licensed cosmetologists that is interested in giving back? If so, there may be a local LGFB volunteer opportunity for you: LGFB volunteers can participate in two ways:

1-Volunteer Cosmetologist
2- General Volunteer

All volunteer cosmetologists are trained and certified for LGFB locally by the American Cancer Society and participate in annual update courses. Workshops are also offered at the local, state and national level to keep the program fresh and keep volunteers in touch with one another. Volunteer Cosmetologists

A volunteer cosmetologist will commit to three to five hours a month. In addition, they will take a four hour certification class. This class will teach them how to lead a LGFB program. It also teaches them about cancer and its effects on the individual experiencing a healing. Volunteers also participate in a refresher course each year to stay up to date on the latest information. Their job is to teach women the tips and techniques to look good and feel great. General Volunteers

A general volunteer is someone who has the knack to organize events and make sure everything runs smoothly. These individuals are dynamic, understanding and have excellent people skills. They will work directly with the American Cancer Society in regard to organizing and setting up these events. Some of their tasks include promoting participation, placing reminder calls to patients, organizing supplies, setting up the rooms and providing assistance during the event.

If you would like to Volunteer click here to apply: https://www.lookgoodfeelbetter.org/audience/volunteers/apply.htm