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Brita Vintage Smart Pitcher Water Filtration System
Brita Vintage Smart Pitcher Water Filtration System
There are so many things you could change that would have a big impact on how your body functions and stays healthy. Again, I feel like if you just make one small change at a time, it is much more manageable.
Tip #1: Buy a simple water filter pitcher.
I actually did a lot of research on this. The first thing I did was buy a basic Britta Water Filter. The one that I got is Brita Vintage Smart Pitcher Water Filtration System with 2 Bonus Filters.

You can actually buy this online at Amazon and have it shipped directly to your door. They have many versions of water filter pitchers that are varying prices.

In regard to bottled water, it is better than the tap water but it has its issues too. First of all, it is filling up our landfills with tons of plastic. And, if the cases of water are left in a warm environment than the PVC from the bottles releases plastic chemicals directly into the bottles of water you are drinking. So, what was once clean water to drink, is no longer clean. NEVER leave your bottled water in your car. It will heat up and release those chemicals.

It is really best for your body to drink filtered water. According to Dave Fraham, author of The Cancer Battle Plan Source book, "Either you buy a water filter or you are one." And, Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. and author of 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, "More than 100 million Americans drink water that contains significant levels of the three cancer-causing chemicals: arsenic, radon, and chorine by products. In addition to chemical contamination, chlorine resistant viruses and parasites can slip through the more than one thousand large systems in this country lacking proper filters. Of course, you can also buy a water filter system for your faucet and for your house. But, I will tackle that subject in a later tip. So, for under $40, you can protect your family and help save the environment at the same time.